Programs for UV mapping partial textures to an object

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Programs for UV mapping partial textures to an object

Post #1by BrandonSlaght » 11.04.2017, 17:05

I am trying to model Saturn's moon Pandora, since high resolution images have been released from a Cassini flyby a few months ago. Does anyone have experience with programs that would let me map a partial texture of the surface to a model? I have some experience with Blender, but its mostly been modeling without texturing. I'm just bad at visualizing how Blender's UV editing system works.


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Post #2by john71 » 13.04.2017, 17:33

I think you don't need that in Celestia. Make a surface texture in Gimp and you need a cmod format model of Pandora. You can manipulate the surface texture in Gimp, if it is not at right place.

FarGetaNik M
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Post #3by FarGetaNik » 13.04.2017, 18:21

That's very much try and error though. I don't think you will get good results with that method... Projecting the images on a model in blender might be a better solution, but no idea how this works.

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Post #4by john71 » 13.04.2017, 20:30

If the texture is not at the right location, then it is not a modeling problem, it is a texture problem...But yes, in Blender you can edit the texture in real time (I think).

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Post #5by scalbers » 13.04.2017, 23:05

FYI, I notice this script to export a 'cmod' format file from Blender.

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Post #6by selden » 13.04.2017, 23:16

The Celestia utility cmodview is purported to be able to import obj format and export it to cmod, obviating the need to use special export scripts in your favorite 3D design program (including Blender or Anim8or) since most modeling programs can export to obj format (which includes both meshes and surface texture maps).

I have to write "purported" because cmodview doesn't work at all on my computer :(

John Van Vliet
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Post #7by John Van Vliet » 13.04.2017, 23:48

the antique blender plugin is for blender 2.49b
the last version before the API change in 2.5 and 2.6 now 2.77

the cmodview code in my github page builds and works fine on my linux os
-- should build just fine using MinGW ( MS's Visual Studio ????? unknown )

and it dose import COMPLEX obj uv mapped meshes

now as to Pandora , most software assumes a "perfect" sphere .
Pandora is NOT

According to "cpck_rock_21Jan2011_merged.tpc" it is -- in Km -- ( 51.5 X 39.8 X 32.0 )

and there is a shapemodel from stooke
imported into blender


isis3 can use a dem to remap it and so can the current dev version of Qgis
Qgis uses GDAL and you can use a non earth dem to re-project a image to a simple cylindrical map

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