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Confirmed Exoplanets

Posted: 07.09.2016, 20:02
by omega13a
Using the data I've gotten from PHL's Exoplanets Catalog, I made a PHP script that produces the contents for the SSC file for the confirmed exoplanets and the STC file for their stars. Both I am sure are filled with issues, especially the STC file. There are some stars missing from the STC because there wasn't enough information in the database for them (like they are part of a circumbinary system). For the stars that there are enough information to include in the STC file, they may still be missing info like HIP number and/or other names.

Please post any needed corrections as it is unrealistic for me to catch every single issue since these were generated by a script and there are thousands of objects in the database. Also, if anyone has the info for any of the missing stars, please post it.

Posted: 08.09.2016, 18:11
by john71
Thanks! Nice work!

Posted: 10.09.2016, 03:31
by omega13a
Update: I've added textures to the planets and in the STC file, its now clear what stars are missing. Download links are still the same.

Posted: 16.10.2016, 21:42
by omega13a
Fixed a bug that kept all the stars in the STC file from displaying.
Slowly going through all the stars to find if they have alternate names.

Download links are still the same.

Posted: 09.07.2017, 05:19
by JediTrekkie
omega13a, how do I download these catalogs?