Planet b around proxima centauri !

Post requests, images, descriptions and reports about work in progress here.
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Post #21by SVision » 29.08.2016, 14:33

I think for many it can be interesting :wink:
Theoretical papers on the origin, evolution and climate Proxima Centauri b
Recently, I saw an interesting article on It is assumed that if Proxima Centauri b. If the organisms inhabiting Proxima b, chose this way of dealing with ultraviolet light, they can be seen from Earth :smile:

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Post #22by _M-Explorer_ » 12.12.2016, 09:20

I made another Proxima b based on Cham's Proxima b[DOT]

Code: Select all

"Proxima Cen b" "Proxima"
   Texture "venus.jpg"
   Mass 1.3  # M.sin(i) = ?? earths
   Radius 8000

      Period         0.04 # Fictional
      SemiMajorAxis   0.04 # Fictional
      MeanLongitude   0    # Fictional and I don't know, what does it mean
      Inclination   0 # Fictional

      Period      24 # hours
      Inclination   0 # Fictional
      AscendingNode  0 # Fictional and I don't know, what does it mean
      MeridianAngle   0 # Fictional and I don't know, what does it mean

2 Screenshots (Sorry that the GUI language is not english if this is a problem):

The planet's surface:

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