AppMags of ssc objects (Lua Plug-Ins request)

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AppMags of ssc objects (Lua Plug-Ins request)

Post #1by PlutonianEmpire » 24.03.2013, 19:10

Sounds simple, right? Wrong. :P

As the arithmetic required for what I have in mind is beyond my capabilities, I'm posting this as a request.

Anyways, would it be possible for someone to create a Lua plugin to display the apparent visual magnitudes (AppMag in STC lingo) for objects defined by ssc, where the plugin would take into account the object's albedo from said object's albedo ssc definition in its ssc file, and include all available light sources (including multiple suns and nearby ssc objects with their own respective albedos) bright enough to impact the selected object's apparent magnitude as seen by the observer and/or as seen by a secondary selected object? And maybe it could list comparisons to real life app mags for reference?

I know the ephemerides plugin does so to some extent, but when I tried it, I noticed it only seemed to apply to the sol system, and specific sol system bodies, and didn't work outside it.

Tbh, I've always been frustrated by not having a way to tell how bright an ssc object looks to the observer, and/or givel locations, especially in fictitious systems. :?

Thanks in advance. :)
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