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Re: Current project: Modified Stargen (a solar system genera

Posted: 22.01.2014, 07:07
by omega13a
PlutonianEmpire wrote:Of course, with a mass of about 20 M_sun, stargen gave me brown dwarfs with radii in the negative range around Deneb. 8O

Well, I don't have any equations to calculate the radius of brown dwarfs so I wouldn't trust any radius it gives a brown dwarf. :wink:

Re: Current project: Modified Stargen (a solar system genera

Posted: 26.01.2014, 07:59
by PlutonianEmpire
After taking a few days' break, I resumed trial and error with stargen 2014, and I've noticed that perfectly legitimate option selections, when generating systems from internal star databases, stargen way too often runs into problems; likely from a typo in a spectral type; but oddly, i take out one option that doesn't involve the star itself, it errors out on the star type. A here's a screenie to highlight my issue. This time, it's refusing to generate stack dumps.

(EDIT: It seems to be related to the -M option for moons; leaving it out causes the star type errors, it seems.)

Re: Current project: Modified Stargen (a solar system genera

Posted: 26.01.2014, 23:50
by omega13a
That is very odd and I can't see how that is possible even though I'm able to recreate it... I was able to fix the problem (hopefully I'll have new binaries this evening) but I don't understand the cause of it. Getting that error message is like tossing a ball at the ground and it flying up and hitting your face without the ball ever hitting the ground. :?

Re: Current project: Modified Stargen (a solar system genera

Posted: 27.01.2014, 01:52
by PlutonianEmpire
Did you check it for custom systems as well? Because after I posted, I attempted custom systems and got the same error when taking out the -M option, and neglected to mention it. :oops:

Posted: 14.08.2016, 20:32
by PlutonianEmpire
I have no idea if Omega13a plans on returning to this forum or restarting this project, so I am posting the last version he sent me a few years ago. I named it stargen 2015.

My file includes textures for the generated planets, but I highly recommend you replace them with your own. I'm still a novice with google drive, so hopefully the download link works. The mass premade stars incude Cham's older releases of his star databases for M33 and M31 and a couple other galaxies. As always please read BOTH readme's. :)

The download is in 7zip format, for better compression of the textures.

Posted: 24.08.2016, 03:50
by omega13a
I haven't ended this project. I just got a little sidetracked with making celestia add-ons...

Posted: 30.12.2016, 11:50
by Drumy9
Hello. I find this program a few days ago and my interest was piqued. I had try a few times with this program, the original of Mr. Burrows and the modified of Mr. Omega and I have a few questions:
1.- The systems generated with the Mr. Burrows's program is differents of the systems generated with the Mr. Omega's program? When I try "./stargen -W1 -E -g -s1 -n1000 -i1" with the Mr. Burrows's program I obtain 38 systems, with the Mr. Omega's program 2013 I obtain 27 systems. The information of the planet's details in the systems that concur is different between them.
2.- When I try "./stargen -W1 -E -g -s1 -n1000 -i1" with the Mr. Omega's program 2014 with the last binary for linux I obtain this error: "./stargen: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: cblas_dasum". I use debian jessie 8.6. I download ht last source for linux but that didn't compile.
3.- Can I set boundaries to the number of planets in a system?
Sorry disturb you :oops: but I have a project now of writing and this is important to me.
Thanks for your help and I sorry if my English isn't very good, my native language is Spanish.
I wish you a Happy New Year 2017! :wink:

Posted: 30.12.2016, 22:02
by omega13a
1. It has to do with how many times the random number generator is called by the program. One version has more calls then the other though I can't remember which one...
2. Try installing the GNU Scientific Library.
3. No.

Posted: 31.12.2016, 13:54
by Drumy9
Hello. Thanks for your fast answer.
I installed the GNU Scientific Library (gsl-bin, libgs10-dev and any with that description on synaptic because I don't know very much about programming), download again the last source and binaries but I can't work this :cry:
With the binaries I obtain this:
drumy@drumy-debian:~/Descargas/stargen_2014-bin$ ./stargen -W1 -E -g -s1 -n1000 -i1
./stargen: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: cblas_dasum
When I try compile the source I obtain this:
drumy@drumy-debian:~/Descargas/stargen_2014/build$ cmake ..
-- The C compiler identification is GNU 4.9.2
-- The CXX compiler identification is GNU 4.9.2
-- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/cc
-- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/cc -- works
-- Detecting C compiler ABI info
-- Detecting C compiler ABI info - done
-- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/c++
-- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/c++ -- works
-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info
-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done
-- Using GSL from
-- FindGSL: Found both GSL headers and library
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /home/drumy/Descargas/stargen_2014/build
drumy@drumy-debian:~/Descargas/stargen_2014/build$ make
Scanning dependencies of target stargen
[ 4%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/stargen.dir/accrete.cpp.o
/home/drumy/Descargas/stargen_2014/accrete.cpp:5:35: fatal error: boost/concept_check.hpp: No existe el fichero o el directorio
#include <boost/concept_check.hpp>
compilation terminated.
CMakeFiles/stargen.dir/build.make:54: recipe for target 'CMakeFiles/stargen.dir/accrete.cpp.o' failed
make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/stargen.dir/accrete.cpp.o] Error 1
CMakeFiles/Makefile2:60: recipe for target 'CMakeFiles/stargen.dir/all' failed
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/stargen.dir/all] Error 2
Makefile:117: recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 2
:cry: Help please
Happy New Year

Posted: 31.12.2016, 19:46
by John Van Vliet
fairly self explanatory

Code: Select all

 boost/concept_check.hpp: No existe el fichero o el directorio
#include <boost/concept_check.hpp>

install boost

from the "-dev" naming and gcc 4.9
i am guessing this is a Debian derivative like Mint

Posted: 01.01.2017, 16:37
by Drumy9
I install libboost-all-dev and I can compile and use the last stargen from Omega :smile: . Thanks a lot! :wink:
Note: My system is debian jessie:
"drumy@drumy-debian:~/Descargas/stargen_2014$ lsb_release -irc
Distributor ID: Debian
Release: 8.6
Codename: jessie"
Happy New Year 2017! :wink:

Posted: 18.01.2020, 10:44
by PlutonianEmpire
Apparently I'm a forgetful old fart now... 9_9

Does anyone remember *exactly* how to output stargen ssc directly to an .ssc file? It keeps flooding my command prompt with uselessly un-copypasta-able code instead >_<

Edit: Finally found it after extensive googling: viewtopic.php?p=129089#p129089

Type your desired parameters, then add -c > yoursystem.ssc

Turns out I was missing the > part

Posted: 29.05.2020, 22:28
by Tegmine
I'm trying to build mine from source...I have not only this version, but the one Selden did in the thread you posted, PE. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!!! Even though I've been using Linux (which has now successfully ruined me for anything else), I'm am not very good at figuring out the command line unless each and every direction is written out clearly...Would love to have this up and running again. Many thanks in advance!


Posted: 30.05.2020, 13:55
by selden
To build Stargen from scratch,
cd to the directory where you extracted Stargen's files.
Then type the single-word command

Code: Select all


If you want to rebuild Stargen after you've modified one or more of its source files, you normally only have to type the make command again. It'll recompile only the files you've modified and will re-use compiled files that are unchanged.

If you want to start from scratch, type the two commands

Code: Select all

make clean

make clean deletes all of the binary files created by the previous make command.


In the directory where you extracted the Stargen source (.c) files, among the files which were extracted should be one named

Code: Select all


If that file doesn't exist, then you didn't extract everything you need. Software developers put into Makefile all of the commands which are needed to build their programs from source code.

The make command reads the Makefile which tells make to run the gcc compiler and linker to build the Stargen executable. Unlike more sophisticated Makefiles, Stargen's does not include an "install" option to copy Stargen to /usr/local or other system directory. Instead, it just leaves the Stargen executable in the directory which contains the Makefile and source files.

Stargen's Makefile provides several functions, including

Code: Select all

make clean
make zip
make sip
make rmark

Read the Makefile to find out what they do.

There are many tutorials available which describe how to use make and Makefile. Stargen's Makefile is relatively simple as such things go.

Posted: 31.05.2020, 13:03
by Tegmine
Ok, I was able to get Selden's version up & running (many thanks, sir!) I was hoping I could do the same with Omega13's version, but I don't see any of the C files in any of the folders, just .dll files. I've tried the directions to build his version for linux, but my terminal looks at me funny. Sorry to plague with questions!


Posted: 31.05.2020, 14:05
by selden
Unfortunately, I don't think Omega13a ever made his source code publicly available. :(

Correction: a 2014 version is available on GitHub at

It looks like he did a significant "refactor" of the source code and used cmake to help build his variant. There are instructions included in the Zip download, although I haven't tried them yet.

Posted: 31.05.2020, 14:59
by Tegmine
Do I download each file separately, or is there a single package?


Added after 2 minutes 14 seconds:
Never it figgered out!


Posted: 31.05.2020, 15:55
by selden
You need all of the files, and they need to be in appropriate directories relative to one another, so it's best to download them all in a Zip archive file which you then expand into some appropriate location on your computer.

More specifically:
Use your favorite browser to open the page
At the right side, just below the horizontal bold, black line, there's a green button which says "Clone or download". Click on it.
You'll get a popup menu which provides two options: "Open In Desktop" and "Download Zip". Select "Download Zip".

After the Zip has downloaded, move it to some appropriate directory, if it isn't already where you want it. Then unzip it. That should create the sub-directory stargen-master which should contain 157 files distributed among six directories. The file named README (in stargen-master) is a plain text file which contains brief instructions describing how to rebuild Omega13a's variant of stargen under Linux and Windows plus a description of Stargen's command-line options.

I haven't had a chance yet to try rebuilding it myself. I'll be doing it under Windows 10 (v2004) and Cygwin.

(I didn't notice your addendum saying you'd figured it out, but hopefully these instructions will help others who are in a similar situation.)

Added after 2 hours 13 minutes:
Omega13a's version of Stargen fails to build under Cygwin, generating fatal errors. I dunno if they happen under Linux. An example of one of those errors is

Code: Select all

/cygdrive/c/MyPrograms/Planet/StarGen/stargen-master (2014-2020)/stargen-master/utils.h:296:6: warning: redeclaration of ‘template<class T> void writeVector(std::vector<T>&, const string&)’ may not have default arguments [-fpermissive]
  296 | void writeVector(vector<T>& v, const string& separator = "  ")

I managed to get Stargen to build by modifying CMakeLists.txt. I inserted this line just before the "install" directives:

Code: Select all

set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -fpermissive ")

Stargen v2 now builds (with lots of errors and warnings) and runs, but its Celestia-compatible output has problems. In particular, I noticed that planet names don't include a leading double-quote. Fortunately, that's easily fixed by editing the .SSC file. There might be other problems, though.

Posted: 31.05.2020, 19:59
by Tegmine
I will try it and let you know...


Posted: 01.06.2020, 13:43
by Tegmine
I ended up downloading CMake's GUI (I'm lazy, on top of many other things.) CMake worked, HOWEVER, I have no idea if it actually made Omega's version of made a folder called "CMake Files", but I can find no trace of Stargen....most perplexing!