Boliverius Alvera Sagittarii

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Re: Boliverius Alvera Sagittarii

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PlutonianEmpire wrote:I hate that program with a passion, because a) none of my computers can support it, or even OpenGL 3, b) it is trialware, meaning you have pay for full use of the damn thing, c) my life situation ever since my folks kicked me out prevents me from ever being able to accumulate the money for a new laptop for the rest of my natural lifespan.

Damn you, poverty. :evil:

Are you sure you're not thinking of Universe Sandbox? Last time I checked, SpaceEngine was free.

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Re: Boliverius Alvera Sagittarii

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Mostly females of this civilization who is living in this solarsystem i have made.

Total: ca. 5,400,000,000
Female: ca. 4,210,000,000
Male: ca. 1,190,000,000

When they lived on the old world, Alveria, they were 7.9 billion. Many lost lives in a hard battle against a civilization, called Cronosians, from the Andromeda Galaxy, attacked. The Alverian civilization is now living on the moon Janus, orbiting a gas giant planet called Vertilu.
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