stars in M31/Andromeda Galaxy

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stars in M31/Andromeda Galaxy

Post #1by kristoffer » 19.10.2011, 19:33

Hello, I'm going to add stars in the Andromeda Galaxy, but I need a little help

the first thing, I'm going to create the star cluster NGC 206 who is located in M31

the number of stars in NGC 206 is over 300

NGC 206:
RA: 00h 40m 31.3s
DEC: +40° 44? 21?
Apparent dimensions: 4.2?

I don't know if it already exist an addon for stars in M31
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Re: stars in M31/Andromeda Galaxy

Post #2by John Van Vliet » 19.10.2011, 22:09

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