Mass Effect in Celestia

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Mass Effect in Celestia

Post #1by Noirfatale » 06.03.2010, 05:12

hello everyone.

I was wondering if anyone was working into making a Add-on to put the Mass Effect video game universe into a add on for Celestia.

as you can see the Game universes is quite big (well not as big as lets say Star Trek or stargate but still...)

Also I was wondering if you could do some kind of tagging :


take for example the cluster view of the Hawking Eta cluster.

you can see the identification of the cluster in the upper left, a system in the cluster is highlighted ( Century system) with 2 line and a small circle :the two lines are actually the game cursor and move around with the x-box game pad or the PC mouse - you click on the system and the game zoom in for the system view.


then you can click on a planet to get the planet view:

(this is not the actual in game planet view but as you can see there is plenty of infos on each planet and I would like to show it on screen when you click on it.)

now the big question : is it possible to do something like this in Celestia?

if the answer is yes, any advise or place I should start?

thank you very much for any insight or information you can provide me.

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Re: Mass Effect in Celestia

Post #2by Hungry4info » 06.03.2010, 07:54

Yes. You can indeed make something like this in Celestia.

If you'll settle for the planets, you can consider studying the solarsys.ssc file in the data folder. You can familiarize yourself with how planets are declared in Celestia. It's really straightforward how they're written.

Consider making a backup of solarsys.ssc and toy around with the file to see how adjusting the various parameters affects the planets. That's how I learned to make planets in Celestia.

Once you're ready, make yourself a .ssc file, and write out the information for the planets. It looks like you'll have to guess on most of the parameters of their orbits, the graphic doesn't reveal too much.
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Re: Mass Effect in Celestia

Post #3by Sadachbia » 23.08.2011, 04:18

Awesome, another Celestia user that plays Mass Effect! xD

I saw the creation date of this thread is over a year old, so I'm wondering if you've had a chance since then to work on a Mass Effect addon. I was looking for one, and the first hit on a Google search for "mass effect addon for celestia" is a link to your post. It doesn't look like anyone else has made one.

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