Jupiter Europa Orbiter

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Jupiter Europa Orbiter

Post #1by volcanopele » 23.02.2010, 05:32

As I mentioned in a thread over on the Add-on releases sub-forum, I created a video showing the four Io flybys currently in the baseline trajectory for the Jupiter Europa Orbiter, NASA's mission to orbit Europa in the 2020s. I have created a small add-on with this trajectory. Please note a few things. First, the add-on uses timelines and spice kernels, so the latest version of Celestia is required. Second, only the Jupiter tour part of JEO mission is included as a spice file as that is the only one available online. The other two timeline segments simulate the high and low Europan orbits, but use Keplerian elements, rather than a trajectory file. The cruise to Jupiter, except for the five days before orbit insertion, is not included.

http://pirlwww.lpl.arizona.edu/~perry/C ... O_celestia

The other issue is that there is no model available online for Celestia for the Jupiter Europa Orbiter. In the above add-on and video, I use Cassini as a substitute. Would any modelers be willing to give this a try and create one? The website for the Europa/Jupiter System Mission and the Jupiter Europa Orbiter is at http://opfm.jpl.nasa.gov/europajupiters ... ssionejsm/ . If more perspective graphics of the spacecraft are needed, the E/PO at JPL might be able to post more such views online. A great resource for information on the spacecraft itself can be found in the Final Report for the Flagship Selection process last year: http://opfm.jpl.nasa.gov/files/JEO-Rpt_ ... 090203.pdf
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