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Posted: 12.05.2020, 20:49
by Goofy
Hi linuxman.
Yes, thank you, I found them in youtube, and I can only say.... "Oh my God!".
To say that your work is extraordinary means to diminish it, IMO, because everything looks like the real thing as seen many times in NASA/ESA/etc ISS movies.
The movements are absolutely fluid, Robotic arms are real in their revolutions, and moreover I would like so much to know what kind of Earth cloud map you are using, it looks like 3D!
As usual, a huge contribution to Celestia, thank you very much, linuxman.
Cannot wait to try it on my PC... :wink:
Goofy :smile:

Posted: 12.05.2020, 21:16
by linuxman
Hello thank you, some older user of celestia will test it before publication to detect bugs and so on, i think that it will be work on your computer

for waiting you can upload the 2009 pack

some tuning of anti aliasing may be perhaps to done.

goodnight !

Posted: 13.05.2020, 09:19
by bh
Oh my...

Great animation linuxman, the coding of the robotic arm movements!

Amazing work... great to see the shuttle in action... my most favourite spacecraft ever.

Very well done indeed.

Posted: 15.05.2020, 18:55
by linuxman
Goofy, For the clouds it is a virtual texture i have downloaded at 10 years ago on the celestia motherlode, the clouds must be static and don't move.
I think that this addon is not more availlable.

Posted: 15.05.2020, 22:29
by Goofy
Hi linuxman, thank you for the cloudmap info.
May be it's Van Vliet's, and if it's so I think I have it somewhere in my HD or shows I made in the past years, I've to check it.
Bye soon.
Goofy :smile:

Posted: 17.05.2020, 21:09
by linuxman
Goofy,you can find it on the motherlode it is a harald schmidt 32K Earth Cloud Map Virtual Texture.


Posted: 18.05.2020, 12:35
by Goofy
Thank you linuxman, I had 32K VT by HS, but never used before. :wink:

Added after 12 minutes 57 seconds:
I forgot to change my profile data, but recently I substituted the notebook, and this is my actual one.
Cannot wait to test it on your new ISS! :wink:

Posted: 19.05.2020, 06:21
by jujuapapa
It's so sad without a picture of this awesome addon...

ISS 2009.jpg

Posted: 24.05.2020, 11:43
by linuxman
hello, some images with the astronauts, for the testers they are hidden in the navette.ssc file in "invisible"
I added textures and equipment compared to the original model of max grueter.
There is a lot of cleaning to do in the pack (duplicate textures, template files and unused textures)
The astronauts are hidden in invisible in the navette.ssc file for people who have the test pack.
I can send you the ssc file in pm.

The dragon crew is almost finished but I can't put the textures of space x on it.

The images are in 4k, you can zoom very closely to see in detail.
I hope it's not too heavy, otherwise I will resize them.

Thank you all good day or good night!

STS 88 EVA with Max Grueter astronauts
EVA 18 on pirs with Max Grueter cosmonaut
work in progress on dragon and starliner

Posted: 26.05.2020, 10:33
by bh
Fantastic stuff...

Here's one of my fave views.


Posted: 26.05.2020, 11:14
by linuxman
navette back.png
It's weird on the old 2009 pack shuttle and the rear engines seem incomplete and transparent.
Is that the model of the test pack?
normally, the back of the shuttle should be like the picture here.

Can you see astronauts like my precedent picture in the st 88 mission ?
(astronauts was hidden with invisible status on the issnavette ssc file)
if b not y will send you the file.

Than k you bob


Posted: 26.05.2020, 12:40
by bh
Hi Linuxman... yes... test pack models.

Yet to try to view astronauts.



Ah... I'm thinking it's using the models from the previous ISS hr folder which I still have in my extras.

I will move it out and see what happens

What fun!

Edit again...

Okay... disregard my last post, Celestia was drawing the previous (older) version.

Posted: 27.05.2020, 06:34
by Adirondack
The dragon crew is almost finished but I can't put the textures of space x on it.

Are you missing the logos or the permission by SpaceX to use them?


Posted: 27.05.2020, 17:19
by bh
Good luck Dragon!


Sorry for the tease!

dragon crew

Posted: 27.05.2020, 22:09
by linuxman

it will be for next time,
I hope by then I will have finished the dragon crew.