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Each add on needs an owqn directory and won subfolders?

Posted: 25.09.2006, 03:24
by Siriusmystery

I hope I right. That was noit very clearly explained, as in the "read me" files its always the same file is used for as example. So it is not very clear would to do with more than only one addon.
So. if I apply more add ons, I will make as many ( directory folders like M 31, M 32 M 33 a s.o.) folders ( along with their filenames) in "extras" as I have addons.
. So: For example: "extra" first subfolder - "Extrasolar"- subfolder: " Galaxies" subfolder "M83"- subfolder. ( depends what files the addon has, mostly only three) " textures"- subfolders "lores" and "medres".

So I have to make all these subfolders for each single addon in the same way with the directory as the first subfolder of " extras"
I hope that is right so...
Otherwise said ; it is not possible to make one subfolder in "Extra" ( 1 subfolder ofn extras" as "Textures", with sbfolders " lores" and "medres" to place iall image files of all different addons in one "medres" folder ? For each addon the whole system olf subfolders...
If I am not wrong would be kind to get an correcture or comment Thank you!

However and by the way: thank you very much for that wonderful software It is much better thean the frist versions I used until today. Unfortunately, had not much time for celestia. But it must look perfect if projected on the wall with a good beamer!

Posted: 25.09.2006, 03:45
by LordFerret
I have found it is best to create a separate folder for each addon.

Many of the zip archive files have the needed folders already defined, so that when you open the zip archive you simply drag the folder and all contents into your extras folder on your hard drive.

As noted in the documentation (section 1:4 File Locations), having separate folders also allows you the ability to quickly drag and move addons in or out of the extras folder... which is something I personally must do because my low-end computer can't handle processing all of the addons I have loaded all at once.


Posted: 25.09.2006, 09:14
by Siriusmystery
LordFerret,, Thank you for your prompt reply to my question! I have to excuse me for the many typing mistakes, that happened more even after hours of downloads file paths seraches and unzips. Its much work to get all planetary moons, some galaxies and so on. I was pretty tired but as ever i don't stop until I am half way through.
I also forgot to use my google auto corrector that makes it easy to find some mistakes one easily makes within these small text boxes and font sizes.

Of course I have made for each add on an own folder, that I can burn the whole salad on DVD for to install it more properly or for the experiment what may be the best .

Computers are for me anything else than something easy as the most we have to do on our own , while n it multiplies the technical possibilities by thousand
Often the system of folders decides how the program can handle it and I think If there are too many sub folders ( such as if you have made an own sub folder like "M 61" though the addon creates itself a second subfolder "M61" . But some addons make it so and some not not). But sure is sure and so I have each addon on one place from where I can adjust it then. And nothing is worse than to have some thousand of different files in one undefined folder even with other programs that you cannot associate anymore. Its good at least to have stored all thers installation programs in a separate folder or on DVD, so if all fails you can delete the program and start up another time.

However., order is again the computer life

I was sitting already hours and days at my PC , working on how to make storage files system easier- a kind of system of order , From that I know that the shortest way is also the best for our PCs. That is why it is called computer.
As more you works on those things as more you understand by and by how that all works. After > PC could could count and write, the item "link" also "hyperlink" seems to be essential to all its performance..
However. the program realizes many of the addons but makes in the moment- as there were some installation mistakes, lots of balls ( around mother earth, those are normally the distant stars.)
It will take me some long nights more to understand the whole program to read and understand and follow all the advices in the celestia files. but at any time I had understood each program.

However you cannot betray a machine and its logic will react on each mistake we make.

I think about, as the program with the addons has some Gigs, whether it is possibly also to burn it on a DVD and to run it particularly over DVD.

Some rectangle images appear rather useless but would be useless in an virtual cockpit of any spacecraft maybe.

I t was hard to get the money for, but I bought last year fpr 700 Euros also a new Dell Desktop, 9150 with dual processor ( double core ( Pentium D)processor)., with the same normal speed 64 MG Graphic card, but with 1024 MB RAM.2.8 Gigaherz PentiumD ( Dual core) 4

Many problems arise just as < normal PC (processor) can only do one thing in one moment, though it is supported by some extra processors f E in graphic cards. The so called HT technology makes to you the impression the OC could do two tasks at the same time, but it just queues and manages the tasks and changes then between the tasks

The dual core processor has solved that problem in a very good way and no program comes to a stand still if the other is overloaded. The future will be multiprocessors even more as also the dual core processor has its frontiers.,
I want do run all electronics only with only one PC system finally . But I think, If you get yourself a second PC, some cheap ones from Hell ( from 300 Euros but with 3.0 GHz processor), it might ( I am not sure about) make two tasks you can cross link them .

I will make a further comment if I was successful with my kind of programming of Celestia Will need some time.!


From Germany

Posted: 25.09.2006, 09:29
by Siriusmystery
I forgot to remark, That Win RAR archive Program is very useful , for me one of the most essential little tools. i use to simplify folder systems and for to place , replace , displace or insert files. There is a free sufficient version for to download.
By the way- I think it is called " entropy"- In German: "Entropie". Its a universal law that everything has the natural tendency to regress to disorder, after it was ordered Whether now we call the natural balance disorder or not, to make order, to manipulate is is - simply said- one of our existential need. Just think about electricity by which we disbalance the negative and positive charges for a while. That creates t electric tension. If that tension flows back to the natural balance we have that we call energy for machines.

Asteroid addon removed- after it dusturbed the performance

Posted: 26.09.2006, 15:03
by Siriusmystery
I needed more than one day to load down the most of the addons.

But already when I had installed the solar packs the program began to display lots of white balls around the earth. Now I found out, that was caused by the addon "asteroids." as provided in an addon on the celestia addon page.

I just disable now each addon by turning it inside the specific addon file to a win RAR archive ( then the program cannot read them anymore) and will test now each single one , by decompressing it again. Then note the result in a text file , finally to know which addon is useful, what is harming the program and what might be crab.
So I can precisely find out how the single addons work. Some are good but many have not the right proportions. I will see at the end what I will keep and what not

What I thought was maybe not right and the users guide in that question not very helpful. However one guide says one has to replace the existing file lets say "the image of the sun "inside the Celestia program files if one wants to use a better or newer one.

Very complicated but everything is to learn. But I don't think the program can be engineered by its users. I would even not know very well how to do that. But all follows the same logic

In addon Babylon 5 file " B5-8 " of the 91 files is missing, resp not on the Celestia site.

If you load down lets say Star Trek addon, you must directly unzip all parts of the addon into the same folder without creating sub folders for each single item( download) Then automatically files with the same name

( Star Trek universe) merge up to one file.

Celestia has not enough navigation navigation buttons resp possibilities, should have more- lets say switches form planetary space to outer and to deeper space. switches to the single addons or even better- possibility to create the appearance of the programm
out of single elements and addons .
However people maybe have to develop the program on their own but how?

Posted: 28.09.2006, 01:19
by LordFerret
The only comments I can make...

You can zip (RAR) if you prefer, but I like to just drag the folders in or out of the extras folder... it's much faster.

As for the Sun (Sol), I've downloaded the smaller version "Small_sun", and it does not require the original settings to be changed (or commented out)... it defines a new sphere just slightly larger which envelops the default sun.

Yes, some of the addons are replacement SSC or STC files, such as the 2.5 million star catalog (a must have!). In such cases, I backup the original file to the same folder I've created for deactivated addons... I've named this folder "archive", and it's kept right within the Celestia folder so I don't have to go searching all over my hard drive for things.

I must admit that thusfar I've not bothered with the imaginary addons for Celestia, like StarTrek or Babylon... not that I wouldn't love to see them, especially being a long-time Trek fan. I'm still exploring what's out there in reality. :wink:

As for changing / customizing / programming things for Celestia, there is documentation for doing just that if you care to delve that far into it.

Despite the obstacles you're encountering, I do hope you're having some fun with Celestia. :D