Earth Maps with political boundaries

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Earth Maps with political boundaries

Post #1by jpummill » 27.01.2006, 20:46

Hi All,

I am looking for Earth Surface Maps with political boundaries. I am looking for two maps in particular. 1) Earth map with United States (State) boundaries, and 2) Earth map with country boundaries.

I have tried Google but can't find something that looks like the standard blue earth map with political overlay.

I have found lot's of political maps but they are usually loaded with text and the color combinations are horrible!

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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Post #2by selden » 27.01.2006, 21:48 ... rders.html
shows country borders with no text.

Sorry, I don't know of any U.S. state borders addon.

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Post #3by Giorgio » 31.01.2006, 00:58

Apart from that great borders overlay map, which is also part of my current installation of Celestia as a VT alternative map for earth, you can also find an interesting political map with 2003 international borders and names for the countries, here: ... highlight=

No internal state borders for the USA though. Still, if you can find a decent map on paper or on the internet, and cut and paste it on the aforementioned political map, that would do, I think :)

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