2M of graphics inside! Screenshots of 64K textures

Tips for creating and manipulating planet textures for Celestia.

Post #21by Guest » 09.01.2004, 00:42

Extreme detail...very very nice shots.

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Post #22by VF2_Rolf » 09.01.2004, 00:44

Oppps...that last one was mine. Again...superb.

Darryl Roy

Bumpmap scaling

Post #23by Darryl Roy » 09.01.2004, 02:54

When contructing a regular bumpmap for GIMP, my understanding is that
the height should correctly be stated in multiples of the average pixel
width. Thus, when making a 1km/pixel bumpmap for the earth, the maximum height (for white=255=maximum height, black=0=minimum height) the height setting for bumpmapping should be 9.5, the altitude of Everest from sea-level in pixel widths (km). For a 64k map, then the pixel width at the equator is 40074 km/64k = 0.611 km, so Everest would be 15.5 pixels tall.

Of course this will vary as you go further from the equator, and I suspect most bumpmaps have somewhat compressed range at the high-altitude extreme (there's too much white/near-white considering how little of the earth's surface has altitudes similar to Everest).


Post #24by Jebbers » 10.01.2004, 13:37

Hi,thats a great texture.Nether seen ne thing like it 8) shame it wont run on my pc though.

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