Gas Giant 2

Tips for creating and manipulating planet textures for Celestia.
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Gas Giant 2

Post #1by John Van Vliet » 09.02.2021, 16:55

a bit colorful and maybe not very realistic , but it looks nice

-- 4k texture --

Added after 17 minutes 59 seconds:
one more

-- 4k --

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Post #2by trappistplanets » 09.02.2021, 18:00

they look like they have way too many stormes in some of the bands..

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Post #3by bh » 09.02.2021, 18:16

But not as many as Jupiter?

These look great John. Super.

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Post #4by Anthony_B_Russo10 » 09.02.2021, 23:40

Considering we don't know what a lot of planets fully look like these textures work for a lot of them.
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