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HD texture link collection

Posted: 29.10.2020, 12:07
by john71

Posted: 30.10.2020, 08:02
by bh

Posted: 30.10.2020, 12:11
by john71
bh wrote:Great!
Thanx! Please feel free to add any HD texture source...

Posted: 01.11.2020, 14:11
by john71

Posted: 05.11.2020, 07:40
by john71
213391 x 88914 pixels THEMIS Night IR 100m Global Mosaic:

Added after 2 minutes 58 seconds:
Day 100m IR global mosaic:

Posted: 07.11.2020, 12:43
by bh
Nasa Scientific Visualization Studio

CGI Moon kit

Posted: 08.11.2020, 19:05
by john71

Posted: 12.11.2020, 09:44
by john71
Does anybody have a link to a 128k Earth surface texture? Old Landsat or black and white images would be OK, just to make a 128k layer...I can't find any images with that resolution. :think:

Posted: 18.11.2020, 15:39
by john71

Posted: 20.11.2020, 13:35
by john71
128k Earth texture 250m:

Posted: 08.12.2020, 12:54
by john71

Posted: 12.12.2020, 20:59
by john71

Posted: 25.12.2020, 14:55
by john71

Posted: 01.01.2021, 15:10
by john71

Posted: 10.01.2021, 13:12
by john71

Posted: 11.01.2021, 16:58
by trappistplanets
dawn height map of ceres pls that is not crazy high res
(what i am looking for is 4k (8k is fine i can just scale it down)

Posted: 11.01.2021, 18:32
by Gurren Lagann
This thread is literally 16k or higher textures only.

Posted: 12.01.2021, 13:45
by trappistplanets
Gurren Lagann wrote:This thread is literally 16k or higher textures only.
i am fine with a 16k dawn ceres height map
(i can scale it down to 4k my self)
anything above 16k my gimp can't handle :cry:

Posted: 20.02.2021, 09:12
by john71

Posted: 22.02.2021, 14:02
by trappistplanets
very big and bulky texture of plutonian topography

very big and bulky texture of charonian topography

24k pluto map

ttarrents's VT of ceres viewtopic.php?f=23&t=20803

8k natural colored Vesta map i made from FarGetaNick's texture ... 8/812826702760902756/vesta.jpg

32k enhanced color titan map

i am not sure if the 8k natural vesta texture i made from fgn's texture is considered HD or not :think: