How to change this map's color into this?

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How to change this map's color into this?

Post #1by rl90599 » 30.06.2020, 15:20

Hello, I am making a Voyager 1 map of Jupiter, but there is one problem, the high-resolution map was yellow-greenish, and I was unsatisfied with it. Luckily, there is a same map like the yellow-greenish one but with a brownish color. But, that map was low resolution, was in 2 separate pages and was scanned. How do I change the color of the yellow-greenish map to a brownish color like the one down here:

If you don't know what the yellow-greenish map looks like, here it is:

By the way, I use GIMP.
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Post #2by fyr02 » 30.06.2020, 19:57

You can use the Hue-Chroma or Hue-Saturation or Color Temperature to adjust the colors, although the yellow-greenish is closer to the real color than the brown color.

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Post #3by John Van Vliet » 02.07.2020, 01:40

basically you can not


you can desaturate the red and yellow
add some cyan to the image

and lower the contrast

and maybe get close

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