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Random gas giant

Posted: 05.06.2020, 03:25
by John Van Vliet
as the title states this is a random generated gas giant


and the 4k texture

Posted: 05.06.2020, 04:40
by Joey P.
Thanks John; I'll use this for my Planet Nine.

Posted: 05.06.2020, 23:10
by John Van Vliet
one more

and the 4k texture

Posted: 06.06.2020, 00:05
by TheLostProbe
Oh cuool :D

Posted: 11.06.2020, 15:03
by Tegmine
I started using gaseous-giganticus...I LOVE what came out of it. (Thanks for ruining me again, John!) The only problem I have is converting the cube map to spherical equatorial projection...The sides come out ok, the poles come out ok, but where the poles meet the mid-latitudes? Not so much. Any advice?

Many thanks for introducing me to this tool!


Posted: 11.06.2020, 19:57
by selden
I've used MMPS to convert between cubemaps and equirectangular ones. It's a command-line program which can convert between several popular map projections. Although initially written for Linux, it works fine under Windows when built under Cygwin. See

If desired, I can provide the bash script that I've used.

Posted: 11.06.2020, 21:58
by Tegmine
My head is quickly becoming command-line soup...


Could I do this in GProjector?

Posted: 11.06.2020, 23:52
by selden
Maybe. I've never tried to do it using GProjector. I'm used to using scripts and often find that GUI programs make unwarranted assumptions.

Posted: 12.06.2020, 12:42
by Tegmine
Until I can figure out how to do this successfully, I found this....

One must pay strict attention to the order it's loaded in. In terms of picture sequence, it would be: 2 (back), 5 (down), 0 (front), 3 (left), 1 (right), 4 (up)

Many thanks, John, for letting us know about this! My gas giants will never be the same!


Posted: 12.06.2020, 15:48
by John Van Vliet
i use a terminal only plugin to "Hugin" called "panotools" to convert the cube maps into a simplecylindrical map

an example

Code: Select all

erect2cubic --erect=6.5.1.png --face=1024 --filespec=PNG_m --ptofile=base.pto

nona -o cube_prefix base.pto

./gaseous-giganticus -V -n -c 350 --velocity-factor 1000 -m 1   --cubemap cube_prefix000  --bands 15

cubic2erect  gasgiant-0.png gasgiant-1.png gasgiant-2.png gasgiant-3.png gasgiant-4.png gasgiant-5.png yellow1

the first two lines converts a base simple cylindrical map into a set of 6 cube maps

then i run gaseous-giganticus

then i run cubic2erect to remap back into a simple cylindrical map

Posted: 19.06.2020, 23:53
by Tegmine
Looks simple enough, but I've hit a wall...having trouble installing cubic2erect and the panotools script. I wound up here:, but I really, really, really do not know what I'm doing, what directory to install it in, etc. I tried following the readme files, but all I did was get confused. I don't know which version I need, and each seems to have slightly different dependencies, install instructions, etc. I am extremely grateful for your patience. Not everyone is a command line wizard, although, I find myself dabbling with it more now that I'm on Linux...a little daunting, but SLOWLY getting used to it.

I thank you for your direction!


Posted: 21.06.2020, 02:10
by John Van Vliet

i am guessing you are on MS Windows ? most likely Windows 10 ?

here is the wiki page for installing on windows

for linux use the python cpan tool and install from the comandline

Code: Select all

su -
--- type in your root password ----

cpan Panotools::Script

and for linux it is installed

Posted: 21.06.2020, 13:19
by Tegmine
No...Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit. (Long story on the conversion to Linux, but now that I have, I wish I had started sooner with it.) Started with Peppermint, (which I still like), and since then I've tried Mint, Zorin, Bodhi and the 32-bit version of Ubuntu 16 which upgraded to v. 18.04 LTS. I tried Deepin, which caught my eye when I first started looking at Linux, but I was having difficulty with the set-up of various programs, namely gmail account didn't want to run through it, and I was too lazy to want to check separate locations for my email. I may try it again someday, tho...Deepin is a knockout.

So because I've been using Linux for the past 3 years (hardly expert), I'm no stranger to command line programs, but I still get terribly confused when there is little documentation or when it speaks over my head in "geek speak".

I'm sorry, what was the question?