How to combine images in one big texture?

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How to combine images in one big texture?

Post #1by decolore » 09.05.2020, 03:39

Hello all! I'm trying to create cool space renders and right now i have one problem: how to combine them? I downloaded level5 textures of mars (32k), upscaled it with Topaz A.I Gigapixel to 128k, but i can`t combine them, i tried to combine them with photoshop - it lags and crashes, tried to combine them with Figma (yes, i`ve tried to combine them using web-design software) - i get 1/3 of texture, then Figma starts to crash and eats 95% of ram (8gb). How i can combine them? I think that i need to downscale it to 64k and then try to combine it again or try to join all images in Gimp.

Sorry for my english, maybe it`s bad somewhere, i`m from Russia, but russian thread is death.

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Post #2by Askaniy » 09.05.2020, 08:32

Приветствую. Вам очень повезло, я сам недавно решал эту проблему, и написал скрипт на Python, предназначенный для объединения виртуальных текстур в одну. Он лежит здесь. Если вы с Python ни разу не работали, могу потом попробовать написать краткую инструкцию.

English version:
Greetings. You are lucky, I recently solved this problem and wrote a Python script designed to combine virtual textures into one. It's here. If you have never worked with Python, I can then try to write a brief instruction.
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Post #3by Art Blos » 09.05.2020, 08:59

decolore wrote:i`m from Russia, but russian thread is death.
Also I add that russian thread can be used. This is for the future. :wink:
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Post #4by john71 » 09.05.2020, 10:12

258 million speakers versus 1.268 billion speakers. Size does matter. :biggrin:

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Post #5by Lafuente_Astronomy » 09.05.2020, 21:06

john71 wrote:258 million speakers versus 1.268 billion speakers. Size does matter.

Oh hey, you're back! I'm still curious about your city addon though. Any updates on it?
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Post #6by John Van Vliet » 29.05.2020, 20:23

late to the game but i have the full res 64k map
i could upload it to my google drive for you

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