Specular and normal textures for Dyson-sphere INSIDES?

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Specular and normal textures for Dyson-sphere INSIDES?

Post #1by john71 » 17.08.2017, 11:16

Is it possible to create a specular and normal map for the INSIDE surface of a Dyson-sphere?

I want to see the specular atmospheric effects of a central star's light on the INSIDE of a Dyson-sphere.

Can it be done?

Added after 2 hours 51 minutes:
OK, I succeeded partly, following this old post:


The inner surface of a cmod sphere is reflecting the light of a star inside of it.

Now let's see if it is possible to use a normal map...

Added after 34 minutes 17 seconds:
Cmod "normalmap" function does not appear to work on the inner side of the model. Hmmm.

Added after 1 hour 34 minutes:
Well, here are the results:



By the way, does anyone have a smoother cmod sphere (around 50MB)?

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