The colors of Jupiter

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The colors of Jupiter

Post #1by FarGetaNik » 05.05.2017, 16:32

I already made a topic on the projection of Jupiter textures, but I also have to ask about the color balance. This site is of great help approximating the overall colors and contrast of Jupiter's belts and zones, but I still get very inconsistent results, because Jupiter's atmosphere is constantly changing.

Take the Hubble data from 2015 & 2016 for instance. The readme files are not of great help, only stating that the composite images are contrast enhanced. But also a composite of the individual filters sometimes gives a very contrast-rich texture. Here is a composite of 6 different color filters centered around visible wavelengths from 2016 (left) and a composite of 5 different filters (467 nm is missing) from 2015 (right) gives a very different result:


I boosted the gamma-level of the 2016 texture to 2.2, balanced the colors according to Donald Davis’ site and got this:


And when comparing it to an actual Juno image (that I hope is not contrast-enhanced) I get a good match:


The hues of details like the GRS still deviate. This probably comes down to the color filters used.

Any ideas how to get realistic contrast and color for Jupiter if no information on calibration is avaliable? Is such a gamma-boost even intended in Celesia’s engine? The atmosphere model doesn’t seem to consider gamma-correction, maybe this is also true for other illumination effects.

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Post #2by Franz » 01.08.2017, 19:17

I made the map of Jupiter.

I merged 3 low resolution map to make a good color map of the planet, then i added a hi-res photo of the red spot. I randomly generated atmospheric swirls taken from the photographs of the Juno's mission; this is the result: (sorry for SE :biggrin: )
(Juno texture pattern)

Full 16K map available here:

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Post #3by selden » 25.05.2018, 12:37

The mtm2 forum is probably a better place to ask. See in the subforum (Truck Making)

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