New BIG earth topo map for "nmtools"

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New BIG earth topo map for "nmtools"

Post #1by John Van Vliet » 17.01.2014, 20:59

after removing the cookies and saved password and bookmarks

it looks like it is back up FOR NOW

quoting the post over at CM ... ?f=9&t=616
you WILL need the "NmTools-2.0pre2" and "F-TexTools-2.0pre2" ... p?f=6&t=70

Title : " GMTED 2010 ( 15&30 arcSec.) topo "

with the earth night map .It's time to update the SRTM2 /GTOPO30 map that is used in the "texture tools tutorial " ...
and ... 200.bin.gz

the "Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data 2010 (GMTED2010)" is in ArcGIS database format
-- yes GDAL can convert it to a GTiff
but the ds15 is NOT a full map. Greenland is missing and it is
from NORTH 83.9998611
to SOUTH -56.0001389

the DS30 is also not a full map
NORTH 83.9998611
South -90 ( plus a bit for the 1/2 pixel )

so here is a 90 north 90 south 64k 16 bit signed LSB raw file to use ... sp=sharing is 854.6 MiB
ds15.65536_32768.16S.raw is 4 GiB
Every tone is 0.5 M
-844 to +17695
sea level is set at "0" zero

there is really no need to upload the 7 GiB 86400x43200 16 bit S raw
Image Image Image Image

screenshots and a capture of the Niagara falls area ( false color )

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