Terrestrial Planet Texture Generator

Tips for creating and manipulating planet textures for Celestia.
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Terrestrial Planet Texture Generator

Post #1by Vorthon » 16.10.2009, 13:17

I downloaded an old program for generating textures for terrestrial (in general, not just earth-like), but it had to be compiled. I have a c compiler, but it won't compile the program. Does anyone have compiled copy? (John Van Vilet uploaded it to the motherlode and porvided a link to it at one point)

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Re: Terrestrial Planet Texture Generator

Post #2by duds26 » 16.10.2009, 19:50

It would be helpful if you provided a name of the program, link to a download of it and some information about the error(compiler, what errors come out,etc.).
Then somebody could try to help you out.

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Re: Terrestrial Planet Texture Generator

Post #3by Reiko » 16.10.2009, 21:37

If you can't get it to work then I recommend you getting LunarCell. It's a plugin that works for both photoshop and paint shop pro. It's good for making terrestrial textures.

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Re: Terrestrial Planet Texture Generator

Post #4by John Van Vliet » 17.10.2009, 00:14

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