Waskn'Narax, the 2nd Earth

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Do you think that my map look a lot like Earth?

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Re: Waskn'Narax, the 2nd Earth

Post #21by Enio » 15.06.2008, 17:59

I did a new map. It'll be my last map of Waskn'Narax and this time it's the most similar to Earth. I lowered 2km of ocean level, raised most part of submerged mountains and plateaus and lowered the ocean floors. I also put water inside some parts of continents to make deserts more fertile. I removed the excess of water in the oceans. A planet with too much water is dangerous for land animals. This map is unfinished, but the only lacking things are small details. This is what I think Earth should be:


The 3atm air with more CO2 pressure spread better the temperatures through the planet, so the equator is colder and poles are hotter. The extra air will make flight easier and more oxygen mean more energy, so stronger and smarter animals. There's still ice on the mountains and interior of Antartica and on the mountains near the Artic Sea.

I think this Earth (Waskn'Narax) is better because more land means more fertile areas, more places to explore and extract minerals, fuel and for humans and animals to live. Even with much more land than water, there's still too much water, even for whales. There are 2 oceans and many isolated seas. Isolated seas mean more variety of aquatic animals. In Waskn'Narax, there are other intelligent animals, such as dolphins, small whales (both with fingers on fins), chimps, Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Homo Neanderthalis, and some species of avians such as megaparrots (all with fingers on their wings).

This map is of an alternative version of our Earth, not a truly extrasolar planet. Even the Solaris System, where Waskn'Narax is, is an alternative version of our Solar System (a better one) with more planets.

The lands are of Waskn'Narax are: Artica, Gringolia (North America), Caribea (Central America), Andea (South America), Nazca, Antartica, Pacifica (Australia), Zealandia, Atlantis, Lemuria, Kerguelenia, Himalayasia (Asia), Saharasia (Saara), Congonia (Sub-Saharan Africa), Indiania, Europe and Borealia.

Now my question is: Which do you think it's better, our actual Earth or Waskn'Narax? Think of the advantadges of such extra fertile lands...

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Re: Waskn'Narax, the 2nd Earth

Post #22by Hungry4info » 15.06.2008, 18:41

I would say Earth is better.

I like our planet, it exists.

But given extra fertile lands, hmm... if everything was fertile, then there's no need for intelligent-ish life to congregate around a few locations, providing what I would believe to be a significant inhibition to the development of civilisation.

I also don't know if all that fertile land can be adequately kept alive with the reduced water content. But I'm not too familiar with it.

Your map looks a bit like Earth, yes. I can see Canada's islands, Greenland, parts of central-East United States. I can see South America's boundaries, much of Africa, a distorted Europe and so on...

I firmly believe an original is much more valuable than a copy. Your map, if it was more original, would get more points from me, but I'm the type to grade on both creativity and originality.

Overall, your maps looks nice, though.
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Re: Waskn'Narax, the 2nd Earth

Post #23by zhar2 » 15.06.2008, 19:39

for an earth like that to remain with lots of fertile land as you say would need a faster rotation for a faster and more dynamic atmosphere to carry more moisture around and lower mountain ranges so rain clouds are not obstructed other wise its likely you would remain with lots of moonson areas like india and dry desert areas behind mountain ranges.

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Re: Waskn'Narax, the 2nd Earth

Post #24by Enio » 15.06.2008, 19:41

Yes, there are more fertile regions, more forests. But not all fertile places are dense forests. There are still some dry lands. I don't think the fact of having or not fertile regions will inhibit the development of intelligent life. There are many more reasons for the development of intelligent, such as the interaction with animals and plants, not only climate or lack of food or water. Because if it was only you said, more intelligent animals would be present now.

I prefer Waskn'Narax because it has a stable climate. The low lands are hotter, while the higher lands are colder. Here, the difference of temperature is mostly because of altitude, not latitude. The higher air pressure spread the temperatures. There's much water in higher areas, in lakes, rivers and internal seas, so rain is present in these higher places, not only lower regions. The rotation and gravity is the same as Earth, but the inclination of axis is about 7.5°, so more stable temperatures. 8)

Antartica here can have big urban cities!!! :D
Also, more fertile lands, more water for us to drink and use... :D 8)
Less ice in the oceans will mean less problems wit global warming and the dangerous raise of ocean levels. Such climate and extra air avoid both unbalanced global warming and global ice ages. The solution I did was to put ice only in very high places, where it's more difficult for heat to reach these places, that are distant to the oceans or seas. :D

Humans would be not only the intelligent specie. I prefer a planet with more intelligent beings because it will have a higher variety of different technologies, cultures, higher wisdom and maybe such species could at least cooperate with others to make one big and strong nation. This world is also more secure for human beings, because of the better climate, more land for exploration and extraction of sources for us to use.
A planet with much salty and deep water is dangerous. There are big dead zones in our oceans. So what I only did here was to remove with my OWN HANDS the excess of water, ice, deserts and raise most of the submerged lands, to make a perfect Earth, well... Eden garden itself. 8) :lol:

One more thing: In Waskn'Narax, this settings always existed in the history of this planet, so all animals and vegetables are adapted to such environments. So it's not a sudden change of our world. :wink:

Atlantis and Lemuria civilizations always existed here and will continue to be present for much time in the future! 8) :lol:

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looks familiar

Post #25by jonakand » 28.09.2017, 12:14

This is actually quite similar in some respects to creationist theory of a preflood earth...particularly your notions about a more everaged out Earth temp and the ai/oxygen levels being more conducive to life...they also add a blue ice earth canopy which provides shielding from harmful radiation and causes mist rather than rain to be the predominant form of precipitation.

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Post #26by John Van Vliet » 28.09.2017, 16:19

a 9 year old Necro post
.they also add a blue ice earth canopy which provides shielding from harmful radiation
What ???

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