Black Body Star Textures

Tips for creating and manipulating planet textures for Celestia.
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Post #21by FarGetaNik » 03.04.2017, 21:46

Ok I was unsure at first what you were referring to...

So here my attempt to fix the finch effects. Happy now? :smoke:

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Post #22by Adirondack » 03.04.2017, 21:53

Yeah! You got it! :clap: :wink:
Well done.
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Post #23by SVision » 21.07.2017, 00:28

FarGetaNik, great textures :clap: !

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Post #24by Danny Lorraine II » 27.05.2018, 21:02

i like the older star textures better , but i recommend these star textures only for educational purposes .
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Black Body Star Textures

Post #25by andreysvurdy » 07.06.2018, 06:27

Since you say you are using just a few of the textures in these utx files, another option might
be to just export the textures you are actually using, and make a new smaller utx file
for your map to use.

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