Stereo and fisheye Port of Celestia

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Stereo and fisheye Port of Celestia

Post #1by ehallein » 04.04.2006, 01:46

Hi guys,

Thought this might interest some of you. The stero version is fairly complete, the fisheye (for dome projection) is still under development. The windowing code currently is developed under OSX (cocoa) so does not yet run on other platforms, but it should be fairly simple to port. ... lestia.htm

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Post #2by Malenfant » 04.04.2006, 02:30

Fisheye, eh? So could you use that to project on say an observatory dome from below?
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Post #3by ehallein » 13.04.2006, 03:20

Yep, thats the idea :-)

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Post #4by Ramón » 13.04.2006, 16:56

Do you have any intentions to put your modified version of celestia for free?
i??m triying to make a dome using a mirror projection system; the stellarium software now has this feature for free and I want to use it in a social project for education that I been triying to develop for the people who can not go to a museum and pay for it.
On the other hand, I'm already buy a silver matte screen, two DLP projectors and I'm using partiview for a passive stereo projection, I'm aslo project stellarium and celestia on this screen. But the stereo feature for celestia is also of very interest for me. Right now I can't pay for the software you modified.

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Post #5by PlutonianEmpire » 14.04.2006, 00:05

I would LOVE to pay a few bucks to see my terraformed pluto and all my fictional worlds (and my earth rings) on domed projection, or better yet, in an omnitheater, like in the science museum here in Minnesota. THAT would be sweet. :D
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Post #6by erasmo » 15.04.2006, 19:15

Hello, The idea its very nice, i work a some for same path, but with script code. I understand wich you do to the core of Celestia.
The question is the development go be free? I want know because i work at an education plan of Mexico, at stete of Veracruz, the program have the intention of go scientifics spreading to the schools. All with under budget.
I have the inetrest of generate something o educational material, otherwise I too have the nececities of be at constant actualization of the knowledge about the space.

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Post #7by ehallein » 11.05.2006, 05:51

I do plan to add the code to the source. There are a few features in celestia that cause problems in both the stereo and fisheye rendering, and it would be a big task for me to try understand every part of the (undocumented) source code in order to fix. It will need some active development before being considered worthy of release though. Some discussion from current developers on the best way to merge would be good.[/i]

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Looks interesting

Post #8by oosytein » 18.06.2007, 22:00

I really like the idea of Celestia in stereo, that will be so cool. We got a stereoscopic HD projector installed at my workplace. (I work at a science center in Norway) We are planing to use Celestia in our theater as a part of our educational programs.

Is there any progress in your work ehallein? Would it be possible to have a look at your code and maybe help you out with the task?

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Post #9by dirkpitt » 18.06.2007, 22:55

Hi Evan, I'm the maintainer of the OS X version of Celestia. I must have missed this post from last year.. I'd be interested in smoothing out whatever problems there are with integrating stereo/fisheye projection into Celestia.

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Re: Stereo and fisheye Port of Celestia

Post #10by cacjardy » 03.10.2009, 04:24

Link is dead. Removing Celestia from the URL redirects to a company. Can I still access the file?


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Re: Stereo and fisheye Port of Celestia

Post #11by gonzaloch » 09.03.2010, 20:42

i offer few bucks too for this modifications :)

we have a small planetarium in Venezuela and would be wonderful use CELESTIA in our shows !!!!

How much can it cost?

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