Merging Cosmonium with Celestia?

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Post #21by john71 » 10.03.2021, 08:08

eldee wrote:That said, I would gladly discuss how to steer the two projects (and avoid a collision course) and benefit from each other, there has been some nice constructive suggestions in this thread already.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. That's all I hoped to read... :clap:

I'm also getting convinced that Celestia needs some kind of minimal democratic organization (this forum seems enough), to negotiate and to coordinate the different parties.

I think we should create a Celestia Assembly thread :biggrin:, and we should issue democratically voted resolutions, with numbers (like 2021/1. (03.10) Celestia Resolution (CR)).

The developers should have veto power of course, but they must justify their veto in a written form.

This way the project should gain self-organization and a democratic legitimacy which means there would be much more efficient coordination and cooperation.

What do you think (a question for everybody)?

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