Question for those who compile: Which OS & Compiler.

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Question for those who compile: Which OS & Compiler.

Post #1by Janus » 22.04.2020, 01:53

This question is asked out of simple curiosity.
Perhaps it should be a poll, but I do not know how to do those.

Strictly for those who compile Celestia themselves.
Which OS & Compiler do you use?

I myself am currently using WIn7 64-bit & VS2015.
Wondering what others use, and how many people besides me compile their own.


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Post #2by Markerz » 22.04.2020, 02:35

I use macOS 10.15.x + Xcode 11.x (clang) (for qt/macOS/iOS build) + Android Studio 3.6.x (NDK 21, clang) (for Android build)

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Post #3by LukeCEL » 22.04.2020, 04:39

I use macOS 10.13.6 + Xcode 10.1.

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