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Posted: 02.06.2020, 06:07
by gironde
onetwothree wrote
You can replace lua51.dll in 1.6.2 using the version from 1.6.1 and check if you have scrollbars.

celestia 1.6.1 needs lua5.1.dll
celestia EP V3 v5229 needs lua5.1.dll
celestia 1.6.2 needs lua51.dll

celestia 1.6.2 does not recognize lua5.1.dll even if it is renamed lua51.dll. The dll must have an internal name and it is the one that is verified by celestia.

When I use celestia EP V3, I got into the habit of launching it through Decoda (lua debugger). This made it easy for me to find bugs in LUT5 modules when I was working with our friend Croc. And I continue to do so.
As Decoda does not know how to work with 64-bit programs, I launched celestia 1.6.2 without Decoda. I did the same with celestia 1.6.1.
Observation: all versions of celestia with LUT5 and without Decoda do not display the elevators.
It seems that there is a bug in LUT5 but that Decoda does not report. In fact Decoda seems to act in protected mode on lua scripts, correcting certain errors. It will be very intelligent but will oblige to always work with Decoda which is not possible with celestia 1.6.2 64 bits.
Croc, to whom I had offered my modified version of the Vidiba module (with its window lift), encountered no error while working without Decoda.


Posted: 02.06.2020, 07:35
by onetwothree
I will provide usual lua51.dll but later. Afair i exchanged them without issues.

Posted: 05.06.2020, 10:38
by Markerz
The Mac build is here... No special change in Mac frontend, just updated build number, copyright string, recompiled thridparty libraries.

Posted: 05.06.2020, 15:50
by LukeCEL
Thanks Markerz!

Does this build have the backported 1.7 locations? I tested some new location types in both 1.6.1 and 1.6.2, but I could not seem to find any visual difference in Celestia.

Code: Select all

Location "Hyecho Palus" "Sol/Pluto" # approved
    LongLat [ 167 -20 0 ]
    Size 300 # guess
    Type "PA"

Location "Alcyonia Lacus" "Sol/Pluto" # approved
    LongLat [ 154 38 0 ]
    Size 30 # guess
    Type "LC"

Posted: 06.06.2020, 01:17
by Markerz
LukeCEL wrote:Does this build have the backported 1.7 locations? I tested some new location types in both 1.6.1 and 1.6.2, but I could not seem to find any visual difference in Celestia.

Yes, it is based on that branch. what is the desired behavior for this change?

Posted: 06.06.2020, 01:51
by LukeCEL
Markerz wrote:what is the desired behavior for this change?

Oh, I didn't know what to expect with the new location types.

Maybe it would be nice to show the location type in the top left, sort of like this (lazily edited) image. But that would be a separate feature request entirely. Up to you, and other people.

LocationType.png (16.94 KiB) Viewed 2107 times

Posted: 08.06.2020, 11:00
by jujuapapa
Downloading W10 2004 and installing this week-end. :wink:

None problem with Celestia 1.6.2 :clap:

Mac update

Posted: 09.06.2020, 15:45
by fenton419
Any word on when & where the 64bit Mac file can be downloaded from?

Posted: 09.06.2020, 16:13
by SevenSpheres
fenton419 wrote:Any word on when & where the 64bit Mac file can be downloaded from?

The latest build for Mac is avaliable in this post, just a few posts above yours. Releases can also be found on GitHub.

Posted: 10.06.2020, 10:01
by Markerz
1.6.2 Beta 3 has been released on Github

Currently macOS binary is built and can be found in the release

Posted: 10.06.2020, 21:22
by onetwothree

Posted: 12.06.2020, 08:43
by jujuapapa

Downloaded, installed this morning and tested with success ! :wink:

Posted: 30.06.2020, 21:34
by onetwothree
Windows users please test different dialogs (eclipse finder, solar system, etc), especially if your locale is chinese or at least non-english.

WARNING: put a new exe file to your 1.6.2 installation folder as it requires translation dll.
(3.16 MiB) Downloaded 25 times
(3.6 MiB) Downloaded 28 times

Posted: 01.07.2020, 00:31
by Markerz
shouldn't the translations dll also be provided?

Posted: 01.07.2020, 08:38
by onetwothree
No, they are the same.

Posted: 01.07.2020, 10:44
by Markerz
hmm, since we edited the celestia.rc, iirc the language.dll is generated with the celestia.rc and .po, they should be rebuilt too, cause the text is still garbled with only the exe as I tested

Posted: 01.07.2020, 12:14
by onetwothree
yes, you are right, i will fix

Added after 9 hours 38 minutes:
Updated translations for exe files posted yesterday.
(1.43 MiB) Downloaded 25 times

Unpack them into "locale" subdirectory, then move locale/win32/res_XY.dll or locale/x64/res_XY.dll depending on your OS bitness to locale. XY is your language code.

Posted: 03.07.2020, 02:06
by Markerz
the issue persists... also I wonder why it has the windows 8ish look while the master branch has the classic look for buttons

Posted: 03.07.2020, 09:01
by onetwothree
windows is pita

Posted: 03.07.2020, 15:39
by Janus

For the record, I wholeheartedly agree.
Windows is a P.I.T.A., and has a great many foibles.

My problem is I find Linux even harder to use.