3D Mouse integration with Celestia

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3D Mouse integration with Celestia

Post #1by hoaiphong123 » 10.06.2019, 03:16

Hello Celestia community, I bring to you a great tool to navigate using Celestia. It's called SpaceNavigator and it's used for 3D simulation. I called the company and asked how can I integrate this tool with Celestia and they mentioned that I have to contact the Celestia developers team and request them for SDK integration. Does anyone know about this?

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Post #2by Lafuente_Astronomy » 10.06.2019, 04:25

Well, hoaiphong123, feel free to ask the developers onetwothree and pirogronian the question. Or message them in the forum itself.
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Post #3by onetwothree » 10.06.2019, 09:14

This tool is not supported by modern GNU/Linux distribution according to its site. So we are unable to help.

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Post #4by Janus » 10.06.2019, 14:54


Integration using their software would require them writing it.
Their "drivers" work by recognizing the program running, and manipulating it directly.
Their drivers are 230Mb, containing a database of programs and versions they support.
This works for programs that change very slowly or predictably.
However, celestia being open source, it constantly changes.
Also, there are at any point in time, literally dozens of builds.
Since each build would require a database entry in their software, it is not going to happen.

If they provided a function to let movements be mapped to keyboard keys, that would be different.
I have seen a kinect used to control celestia, and it did it via keyboard/mouse emulation.
This is the only sort of interface you are going to be able to use, and they do not support it.


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