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Post #101by Janus » 23.04.2020, 17:50


When rendering markers, which are always the same size regardless of distance.
There are a number of geometric shapes to choose from.
Allow another one, only instead of a shape, draw the texture from the ssc/stc file instead.
Right now, the displayed size of a body depends on observer viewing distance.
Allow the marker to be a set size using the texture instead of a simple shape.

Selection:mark(Color, Shape, Size)
If shape is "Texture" use the body texture reduced to Size, ignoring Color.

It is intended more for a quick display like you would see on TV, but it still has its uses, particularly for children.
The larger discs of the planets marker help them visualize the scale of the solar system.
The same could apply to help visualize satellites or spacecraft.
EDIT: Look below, but substitute the square with a disc of the texture reduced to this size.



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