IMPORTANT! Celestia github repository reorganisation

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IMPORTANT! Celestia github repository reorganisation

Post #1by pirogronian » 11.11.2018, 17:00

Due to technical reasons, main branch of official Celestia repository on github will be soon incopatibile with previous repo history. However, current main branch can be found under "old-repo" branch. New version of main branch will be copy of @onetwothree fork, which is mostly consistent with current official repo, but has different commits IDs, so git will be unable to merge it.
After repo reorganisation, pull request already applied to official repo will be added again, but after reconsideration by me and @onetwothree and maybe after necessary changes.
Apologise for this complications, but we can't find other, more suitable solution.
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Post #2by Alexell » 13.11.2018, 07:06

I think this solution is technically competent and thoughtful. I wish you success.
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