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Posted: 11.11.2018, 21:02
by Croc
The topic is open.

Posted: 11.11.2018, 21:27
by SpaceFanatic64
Croc, what happened to the announcements section that was above the topics?

Posted: 13.11.2018, 07:04
by Alexell
SpaceFanatic64, Old announcements are no longer relevant.

Posted: 13.11.2018, 14:41
by SpaceFanatic64
Oh, I see.

Posted: 08.12.2018, 21:58
by LukeCEL
onetwothree wrote:* Old data directories (data, extras, extras-standard). Alexell's change was not accepted by everybody even on this forum. Let's discuss this topic and make a proper solution.

What's the status on updating old catalogs? I can help with SSC and STC catalogs if needed. Actually, I recently created a fork on GitHub (LukeCEL/Celestia) thinking I was going to start organizing things there. On the other hand, Askaniy said that he would participate, and the "Celestia Origins" project already has done a lot of work and have a lot more capabilities than I do, even though the structure/format of their files are different from the default package.

Posted: 09.12.2018, 07:34
by Askaniy
LukeCEL, in short, Celestia Origin, after the release on December 30, will aim at processing and integrating the most important things in 1.7.0. However, this is more likely to refer to SSC files, models and textures, with star catalogs we will need help.

Posted: 09.12.2018, 14:48
by LukeCEL
Askaniy wrote:LukeCEL, in short, Celestia Origin, after the release on December 30, will aim at processing and integrating the most important things in 1.7.0.

Good to know. In my opinion, you could cut down significantly on size if you included lower-resolution textures and models (i.e. not subdivided), as that was the case for the default 1.6.1 package.

Posted: 17.12.2018, 13:29
by john71
Are there any new Windows 64 bit Celestia releases or candidates?

Posted: 17.12.2018, 16:42
by onetwothree
I have a build but it was made 2 weeks ago.

Posted: 17.12.2018, 16:56
by john71
Would you be so kind to give us a download link here?

Posted: 17.12.2018, 19:31
by onetwothree
Hi, see the attached file. It was build for 32bit windows version. It has an issue with the simulation time on startup, but I haven't tried to figure out the root cause of that.

sha256 checksum of the file: d8459bc413d93be189e87001f558a72bcce3d05b8ec5cb0feedb6f232a7450c3

(47.35 MiB) Downloaded 252 times

Posted: 18.12.2018, 02:21
by Janus
Okay, this was fun. :fie:

Date glitched on startup on my system as well.
Grabbed current source, commit 5338, got it compiling ... eventually.

The VS2015 x86 & x64 versions do not have the time glitch, and appear to work just fine.

The VS2015 QT5.10.1 compile, does have it.
I had to replace some support files since my QT5.10.1 files did not match your QT5.10.1 files, despite being downloaded today.
This is typical of QT, doesn't play well with others, even other copies or versions of itself.

I am attaching the VS versions for anyone who cares.
Does not have the QT menus, this is pure native windows only.
Is fully statically linked, requires no support files.
Simply extract into the directory for above, and run.

Loading speed is not impressive, not sure what is up with that.
The QT version feels slow as well.

I will see if I can locate the date glitch, wish me luck.


Added after 4 hours 35 minutes:
Found the time glitch.
The opening looked funny because the opening script never finished.
It never finished running because it wasn't running at all.

/src/celestia/qt/qtappwin.cpp:1406 did not call app start because it was inside an ifdef block for posix vs win32 timezone accommodation.

I moved two lines outside before it, and now the time/date on startup along with the opening script works fine.

It also loaded faster as well, which is great.

I want to tinker with a few more bits, like proper testing of everything, not just start up.


Removed archive because I found a texture glitch.
I will replace it as soon as I finish recompiling.

Finished and replaced.

Posted: 18.12.2018, 16:39
by onetwothree
Nice catch, Janus!

Posted: 18.12.2018, 18:53
by john71
Thanx for the links! :clap:

Posted: 19.12.2018, 19:45
by Janus
Okay, fun time again.
After fixing a few minor things, here is commit 5338 from github in x86 & x64 both.
Archives are basically the same as onetwothree released, only with updated exe and support files as needed.
Standalone windows & QT versions are included in both.
There is no method to put 32 & 64 bit QT both in the same directory structure do to limitations of QT itself.

If all you want is 32 or 64 bit, just grab the 7z file for the bit type you want.
If you wish to use the QT version instead of the standalone, you will also need the appropriate vc_redist file.

Win32 => x86
Win64 => x64

For those who had any questions, QT5.10.1 is used since this appears to be what onetwothree is using.
Happy viewing.


Posted: 19.12.2018, 21:25
by selden

I'm not sure where bugs should be reported, so...

When running Celestia-5338-x64, the popup menu "Render" -> "View Options" has some layout problems.

1. The "Show" pane is too small, causing the "Moons" entry to be hidden behind the "Orbits/Labels" pane.
2. The "Orbits/Labels" pane has several entries which are hidden behind others.

This might (or might not) be related to the default font size being used by the Windows Desktop. Mine is set at 100%.

I'm running Windows 7 with up-to-date patches.

See the attached framegrab.

Posted: 19.12.2018, 22:01
by Janus

A result of


Being added to a dialog box in the rc file, without fixing the layout.
Windows uses a static layout, not a dynamic one, so it is doubtful that who ever added it realized it needed work.

I am tinkering with it while I am waiting on a job to fail so I can troubleshoot it.


Added after 2 hours 28 minutes:
Tinker successful, or I believe so anyway.

Here is a correction of the display options menu in vanilla VS2015, x86 & x64 both.
Let me know if it works right.


Posted: 20.12.2018, 08:32
by selden
The previous overlaps are fixed!
But a new one seems to have been introduced. :(

Posted: 20.12.2018, 09:00
by Janus
Thanks, looks like I missed comet tails.

I will play with it tomorrow.
No, instead I will grab whatever is current when I get done with my current job, tomorrow?, 5344 currently,but we will see.
I will get it working, then post the update.
After of course, fixing the overlap.

I think I will also rearrange the view options for better flow.
Right now it is just a big list, it needs to be better.

When done I will post the exes here, and upload a snapshot of the source for onetwothree to look at.
Then they can decide how much or little of my work they want to keep or use.


Posted: 20.12.2018, 10:00
by john71
Whoa, so good to see that Celestia development is alive and well in (almost) 2019! :)