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Posted: 03.05.2019, 20:50
by cartrite
Not on my system. I haven't tried the win build. This is linux qt version.

Added after 45 seconds:
The cone is john71's model.

Posted: 03.05.2019, 21:33
by Janus
Just grabbed the 18sco dyson sphere.
Using with current personal build of commit 5475, greeking disabled & asterisms brightened, no other changes.

I put the ssc in extras.
The 3ds in models.
The textures in textures/medres.
Here is what I see when I go to 18 Sco

18 Sco Dyson.png

Once inside the diameter there is a light source, but no texture, and nothing except white and the star visible.
A single off center light source is present, which I believe is aligned with rotation.


Posted: 04.05.2019, 08:06
by onetwothree
cartrite wrote:Not on my system. I haven't tried the win build. This is linux qt version.

I don't get what's your problem, you have a cone, exactly as in 1.6.1.

Posted: 04.05.2019, 10:23
by cartrite
I don't know either. I downloaded john71's problem files to test if they were visible. A black cone is visible, What is it supposed to look like. I guess you got a cone also with a test on 1.6.1.

Posted: 04.05.2019, 10:27
by john71
cartrite, The cone and the sphere should be BLACK, because it has no texture at all.

The original problem was that the cmod files were totally transparent or invisible.

If you see anything, even a black silhouette, it is good. It works then.

Posted: 04.05.2019, 10:38
by cartrite
Oh. Ok. :smile:

Posted: 05.05.2019, 06:52
by gironde
This post has nothing to do with your current discussion but concerns version 1.7.0 in progress.

In 1.6.1, the contextual menu of the stars (right click) makes it possible to see and go towards the planets which revolve around the star; it's the same thing between a planet and its moons. I regret that there is not a reverse command of the same type to the 'parent' object: from a planet to its star, from a moon to its planet, ...
The planets of the Solar System, we know them, at least I hope so, but the exoplanets are called all b, c, d, or e and after a while we do not know where we are. A simple command back to the star would be really nice.


Posted: 05.05.2019, 09:13
by onetwothree
Sounds reasonable and easy to implement.

Posted: 05.05.2019, 11:08
by john71
Considering the old bugs: the new build works just fine! :clap:

New bug: in the qt version (64 bit) partial trajectories are not working...

Posted: 05.05.2019, 12:58
by onetwothree
john71 wrote:New bug: in the qt version (64 bit) partial trajectories are not working...

Please provide test data, urls, screenshots, etc to find and fix the issue.

Posted: 05.05.2019, 17:39
by john71
OK, here are the screenshots:

2019-05-05 19_35_08-Window.png
2019-05-05 19_35_38-Window.png
2019-05-05 19_35_58-Window.png
2019-05-05 19_36_25-Window.png
2019-05-05 19_36_46-Window.png

Added after 1 minute 51 seconds:
I mean fading orbits are not working...

Posted: 05.05.2019, 18:14
by onetwothree
That's known issue.

Posted: 05.05.2019, 18:22
by john71
OK, I didn't know that. Anyway, not that important...

Posted: 05.05.2019, 18:26
by Janus
In the vanilla VS version fading orbits work.

Fading orbits example.png

This is from a three hour old vanilla build of commit 5482 I just did.

Do I need to look at a toggle to turn fading orbits on and off in the non qt version?


EDIT: Just grabbed celestia-bin-win32_1.7.0~git20190503+06ca2c5.7z from and tried it out.
Fading orbits are working in it.
Note: that archive is just the x86 executables, you will need to copy config and data files to use it.

EDIT2: 64-bit works as well.

Posted: 05.05.2019, 21:38
by onetwothree
john71 wrote:OK, I didn't know that. Anyway, not that important...

Hmm, I have misunderstood you. Actually Qt version should work at least they work in GNU/Linux, I'll try to check what's wrong.

Added after 6 minutes 8 seconds:
I've checked both native and qt versions under wine and fading orbits are working.

Posted: 05.05.2019, 23:28
by Lafuente_Astronomy
Hello Celestians

Regarding Celestia 1.7.0, when will the new database be implemented into it?

Posted: 06.05.2019, 05:37
by pirogronian
Lafuente_Astronomy wrote:Regarding Celestia 1.7.0, when will the new database be implemented into it?

New database is generally implemented. But to work it need a working octree. And octree is still somewhat not working...

Posted: 06.05.2019, 07:54
by Askaniy
Lafuente_Astronomy, I will continue to update the database when I have time and when other Celestia Origin members can help me. I'm busy now...
Here is a new database (WIP):

Posted: 06.05.2019, 08:37
by Lafuente_Astronomy
priogronian, Askaniy, don't worry. Take your time. I know you both will make Celestia even better little by little

Posted: 09.05.2019, 20:07
by pirogronian
I felt a need to calling for help: Astrodb branch bugs hunting help request. I'm not sure if I'm too tired to find it or just too stupid... :rambo: