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Current Celestia Development Status

Post #1by mmontag » 15.04.2018, 08:45

Hi all, I'm new here and would like to contribute to Celestia. A few questions that might help me get started:

Who is currently/recently involved in Celestia development? What about Chris Laurel?

What is the most active place for discussion? This forum?

Which repository is the canonical source location, Github or Sourceforge?


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Post #2by Janus » 17.04.2018, 01:00


Taking your questions in order.

1. I do not believe anyone has a definitive answer to that question.
Alexell is working on the 1.7x branch focussing on VS2017, 64-bit and QT.
I am working on a fork of the 1.7x code because I disagree with some of Alexell's choices.
I use VS2013/5, both with and without QT, fully statuicallt linked so no support libraries are needed.
My stuff is windows only until I can learn linux.
Jahn Van viet has a Linux branch, not sure how it corresponds on version numbers.
I believe there are a few more.
It would in fact be helpful if others did chime in here.

2. To the best of my knowledge, here.
I have my own forum/blog, but it is tiny and dedicated to my own branch, it also has few members, and may go away, it depends on what happens here.
No one seems to be making much progress right now.
For me, I am to busy, every time I get caught up, another job rolls in.
I do not know the status of anyone else.

3. The github page is the 1.7x branch, and where you want to start.
My fork made from there at the point where QT began being integrated into the core.
Though there has not been an update to it since the end of January(2018), for what that is worth.

The official repository on github is setup for VS2017, QT creator & QT 5.9 as far as I know.
I have my fork setup for VS2013/5 both, in x86 & x64 both.
64 bit on earlier VS versions requires non portable code, so I dropped it since Celestia is multiplatform.
With or without QT, and QT 5.4 or greater.
I have also updated most of the support libraries, and generated my own static link libs.
So that other than the QT versions, no dlls are used, the exe is stand alone.
All combinations of the above are in x86 & x64 both.
I myself do not care for QT because of the complexity of supporting it.
Other people however like the interface, and I freely admit it has a good one.

I hope this helps you get started.


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