Spherical Mirror Projection?

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Post #41by ImmersiveTheatres » 15.06.2020, 16:50

Thank you for the update Janus.

Are the missing libraries something I can go back to the people who modified 1.4.1 and enquire about? If you let me know a little more of exactly what I should ask for, I have no problem going back to them and asking.

Your friend's proposed home planetarium sounds intriguing! Will it use spherical mirror projection?


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Post #42by Janus » 15.06.2020, 18:33


Sadly, the missing libraries are a problem because there is no way to know which (version) ones are needed.
I run into this with source trees quite consistently.
Standard libraries are dynamic, but predictable as long as they remain clean.
Custom libraries are messy at best, and a disaster if mixed with standard libraries.
Include any library not a part of the standard library in the source tree, and reproduction gets easier.
I understand why some people like vcpkg or the linux equivalent, and those work as long you have no version dependencies.
Yet version dependencies are a fact of life when optimizing.

While I know it uses GLU, it also uses GLEW, I do not know their relationship at the moment of compile, or their context for display.
There is no predicting interdependancies of libraries outside of the source tree, which is why I always include them.
In this case, unless someone has a snap shot of the system, it is a game of 'whack a mole' finding the problem.

It will most likely take someone who knows a lot more than I do about opengl integrate it.


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