Spherical Mirror Projection?

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Spherical Mirror Projection?

Post #1by ImmersiveTheatres » 09.04.2018, 14:09


I own and operate my own mobile planetarium business and Celestia 1.4.1 continues to be as important to me as Stellarium and my catalogue of fulldome (360°) films.

I use Celestia ver 1.4.1 adapted for spherical mirror projection. This version was commissioned by Discovery Dome many years ago and it is available free to its customers.

Of course 1.4.1 is an older version with limitations (and a few bugs).

It would be wonderful if an official spherical mirror projection option was incorporated into Celestia in the future. This would make Celestia of great value and interest to the large and growing number of small and medium digital dome operators around the world.

Is a version with a spherical mirror projection option perhaps already in development?

I'm not a programmer, but would love to help where I can. Please let me know if any developers would like to see a copy of the 1.4.1 spherical mirror version I have?

Thanks very much.


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Post #2by mmontag » 15.04.2018, 08:49

Hi Mario, that sounds really cool.
Would be cool to see that modified version 1.4.1, but don't happen to have a copy of the source, do you?


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