How to add more stars (SAO, HD, TYC, etc.)

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How to add more stars (SAO, HD, TYC, etc.)

Post #1by CU1500 » 01.01.2018, 19:03

I am a new member of this forum and would like to know how to "add" or "create" a new catalog of stars to Celestial. Thanks :)

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Post #2by LukeCEL » 02.01.2018, 20:29

The Celestia Motherlode has a full catalog of TYC stars, which you can download here. Installation instructions are included.

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Note: The stars in the HD and SAO catalog are mostly contained in the TYC catalog. But, the add-on doesn't include cross-indices with all those new names, so if you you can't look up "HD 2", only "TYC 3660-43-1".

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Post #3by selden » 02.01.2018, 20:44


Stars can be added to Celestia using plain-text files called "STar Catalogs". They have a .STC "file type". Examples are in Celestia's data directory. A detailed description of the format is in the Celestia Wikibook at

Very large STC files can take a while to load, so if you want to add more than a few thousand stars, you'll need to learn how to create a replacement binary catalog "stars.dat". At the moment, the best documentation is in the Perl script used to create it from Hipparcos catalog. See

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