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Posted: 12.07.2017, 13:30
by K.A.V
For a long time I was not on the forum and back, what do I see? :eek:
Alexell stopped often visiting the forum, there was no change in the source code since April 2017, the new site has not been launched yet ... :fie:

What do you think is the future of Celestia?
The point is that we do not have experienced programmers and nobody really wants to help us in the development of the source code.

Even if Alexel wanted, he could not single-handedly make major changes and release a new version of the program. He needs help. Any ideas? Can someone want to suggest ways of solving the problem?

If at this forum there are still people who care about the fate of Celestia, let's figure out how to save the project and assist Alexell in its development. :help:
As you remember, Chris left the project. If Alex leaves the project, then Celestia is 100% there will be no future. :boxing:

It's my opinion. I hope to see the opinions of other forum users.

Posted: 12.07.2017, 17:03
by john71
Joining forces with Celestia.sci?

Posted: 12.07.2017, 17:09
by FarGetaNik
Hm I wasn't that aware that the project stagnated as I was busy recently. I agreed to help with the homepage, but there was no progress since mid june.

K.A.V wrote:The point is that we do not have experienced programmers and nobody really wants to help us in the development of the source code
That's a serious problem indeed. I can't help in that regard sadly. The problem is that Celestia suffers from a very small community since years. I wonder if some kind of public "alpha" release might get people interested? The current built is progressed enough to be different from 1.6.1 and stable enough for normal use. Maybe a shoutout could help from someone with an active space-interested community, like youtubers? The website would definately help, but only if we can get people to visit from elsewhere.

Personally I am working on a solar system rework for a while since I'm sick of waiting and that's basically what I can contribute. A work in progress version is on my DeviantArt.

john71 wrote:Joining forces with Celestia.sci?
Celestia.sci seems to be a very different project and not compatible with Celestia's open source philosophy.

Posted: 15.07.2017, 12:57
by john71
I think that Celestia is almost perfect in it's functions. But the biggest problem is the 32 bit architecture and the handling of memory. It is very disturbing that Celestia crashes after loading a few 8k textures. I'm not a programmer but it is hard to believe that it cannot be solved.

I'm not really interested in new functions until I have to restart Celestia in every 15 minutes.

Posted: 15.07.2017, 17:00
by Cham
There's a 64 bit version available on this forum. It's for Mac OS X only, though. Do a search.

Posted: 15.07.2017, 17:14
by john71
Well, then it should be easy to compile a 64 bit Linux and Windows version too. Maybe for those few billion users who don't have the money to buy a Mac.

Posted: 15.07.2017, 20:01
by K.A.V
john71, If you followed the changes to the source code, as well as some Alexell resources, you would know that Celestia x64 for Windows already exists.
Moreover, I found out where the Celestia binary files are located, which are compiled from the GitHub code via AppVeyor. Link:

Added after 2 minutes 2 seconds:
It is a pity that I did not see interesting proposals for the development of the project ... :sad:

Posted: 15.07.2017, 20:26
by john71
Whoa, that's cool. Thanks guys!

It is really there:


Shouldn't we make a permanent forum thread about the download location of these new versions?

It is not so simple to follow everything outside of the forum...

It works!!!!! :))))

Whoa, 3.5 GB RAM usage!!!!!! Alexell, thanks, you are a genius!!!!!

It is NOT crashing anymore!!!!!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Well, not that 3.5GB RAM it crashed again...hmmm...

+ diagrams should not fade away after a few light years, because some people use them as stellar routes...


Posted: 16.07.2017, 00:13
by Goofy
Just a warning: you must too download the file fmod64.dll here
and copy it in Celestia main directory.
At a first glance the 64 release works very well, appreciated, Alexell, thank you very much! :clap:
Goofy :smile:

Posted: 16.07.2017, 05:31
by john71
This new 64 bit version should be on the download page:

I didn't find this version until now and I'm a regular at the forum.

Please somebody make a more obvious download page for new versions!

Posted: 16.07.2017, 11:36
by FarGetaNik
Cool, I have to check it out as soon as my malware detector decides it is save... :zombie:

Well we need to get the new website running.

K.A.V wrote:It is a pity that I did not see interesting proposals for the development of the project ... :sad:
Hey I have tons of ideas for improvements on Celestia I collected over the years. Most importantly I think the developement should improve on some features that are still glitched before adding completely new ones. Anyone interested in my suggestions? I didn't post it anywhere yet because I figured the dev team knew what they want to do already.

Added after 2 minutes 43 seconds:
Ok I see john71's new thread.

Posted: 17.07.2017, 16:24
by John Van Vliet
a sticky thread for the few git pages and MS windows prebuilts might be a good idea

Posted: 18.07.2017, 16:07
by john71
OK, a few ideas:

1.) richer atmosphere options with up to 5 layers of colored "cloud" layers within one planet's parameters

2.) automatic orbit data correction using Kepler's laws

3.) more anti-aliasing

4.) mirror effects on textures

5.) automatic correction of atmospheric light corresponding with the lightsource star (red dwarf etc.)

6.) secondary constellation diagrams (asterisms) as interstellar and intergalactic routes, which can be easily drawn

7.) markers which remain "on" after exiting Celestia and running it again

8.) fading orbits as an option

9.) real time editing of ssc stc dsc files

10.) space distortion effect (wormhole, black hole, warp bubble)

11.) jumping to a spatial coordinate (not "getting there" in space slowly)

12.) real visual effects of near lightspeed travel

13.) automatic habitable zone detection (visual).

Posted: 24.07.2017, 09:00
by K.A.V
I'm certainly glad that you have outlined ideas for improving Celestia, but I did not talk about it.
Do you know that there is no one to improve it?
That's what it's about! Anyone have any ideas? Can hire freelancers?

Added after 1 minute 23 seconds:
P.S. Celestia binary files on the link that I gave can not be published for download. There errors fmod.dll appear sometimes and Celestia falls.

Posted: 24.07.2017, 09:14
by john71
K.A.V, the 64 bit Celestia 1.7 dev6 files are WAY BETTER than the 1.6.1 32 bit version.

If Alexell (and dbrant) did nothing more than this dev6 version, even then they are personal heroes for me. :)

Alexell should take his time and work as he likes on Celestia. No pressure.

Celestia 1.7dev6 64 bit crashes much less, than 32 bit 1.6.1

That's a HUGE improvement for me.

Respect. :clap:

Added after 4 minutes 16 seconds:
(But I use a lot of VERY LARGE cmod and texture files...)

Posted: 24.07.2017, 09:20
by K.A.V
john71, Alexell will not be able to make big changes, he wrote about it. The minimal changes that he made were made with the help of Leserg, and the 64-bit version helped to make dbrant.
So once again I repeat: the main problem of the project development is that there is nobody to develop the project, we do not have programmers.

Posted: 24.07.2017, 09:25
by john71
You did wonders!

Don't underestimate your results.

You brought back this project from the dead.

Small improvements are what we need. A step at a time.

This is GOOD!

You should continue working on it.

Posted: 24.07.2017, 09:44
by K.A.V
john71, you can not see? On these "wonders" everything stopped. No one else can change. Maybe JohnVV for Linux changes and adapts, but for Windows, everything that they could have done.

Posted: 24.07.2017, 09:55
by john71
Yes, I can see that, but be positive. Keeping the project alive is the most important thing. Less is better than nothing.

Posted: 24.07.2017, 10:01
by K.A.V
john71, All the same, the development of Celestia code is very important. Without this, the project will not fully develop. Seriously, the 64-bit version has already been made, small changes have been added, but there will be no more changes in the code until there are programmers.

The old team of programmers fell apart, the part went to Celestia .Sci, we did not have anything left. I here think, can as in SE to start gathering of money resources (Croweding)? They can pay for the work of programmers and realize ANY of our desires!