No more file updates from me

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No more file updates from me

Post #1by granthutchison » 28.05.2013, 01:16

SourceForge has evolved again, and I've no plans to evolve with it. So it seems I've already made my last update to the SVN tree. The most obvious impact (which I judge won't bother many people anyway) is that I'll be making no more updates to the extrasolar planet files.
For the small number of people who still value these updates - my apologies. It's an increasing workload with diminishing returns, and I just don't have the time or energy to migrate (yet again) with another evolution of SourceForge.

With best wishes for your future Celestial endeavours,

Grant Hutchison

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Re: No more file updates from me

Post #2by cartrite » 28.05.2013, 04:07

Last week I got an email from source forge stating that the svn url changed, that the old one was now read-only, and gave me a new command for svn checkouts. It didn't work. I tried for a few hours and couldn't connect with their command thru my svn client. I can leave off the ssh part of the url and I can checkout, update. Got no idea if I got write privileges though. It's been so long, and I've only did it a few times. I didn't even want to try. But if I go to the site and log in, it says I have write privileges there. go figure.
Sad to see you go. Looks like there isn't much going on anymore here with development. Sad.
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Re: No more file updates from me

Post #3by abramson » 28.05.2013, 15:08

granthutchison wrote:I'll be making no more updates to the extrasolar planet files.

Thank you for all the work during these years, Grant. Your uploads where the only updates of late. I think I will make a final SCN check and freeze my version of Celestia.


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Re: No more file updates from me

Post #4by PlutonianEmpire » 28.05.2013, 15:48

Shoot. :(

Sad to see ya go; not to mention I was one of those few who actually valued the updates on the extrasolar files.

Regardless, thank you, and best of luck, with whatever the future holds for you.

- PlutoE.
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Re: No more file updates from me

Post #5by t00fri » 28.05.2013, 17:03

Hello Grant,

sad to see you go after such a long time and all your work of high standards!

Perhaps you have some interest reading this nevertheless:

I would have loved to see you on board one day...


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Re: No more file updates from me

Post #6by BobHegwood » 29.05.2013, 13:12

As reflected above and by the others here, Grant, I also am very sad to
see your efforts die with diminishing returns.

I too will miss your scientific updates. Such enhancements to my favorite program
can now be found only - and apparently - at Celestial Matters. Sad to see this stoppage of
your contributions. :(

Take care, Brain-Dead
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Re: No more file updates from me

Post #7by bh » 30.05.2013, 15:22

Many, many thanks Grant, for all your hard work... I fully agree with Bob here.

Celestia seems to be coming to a close, as does this forum.

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Re: No more file updates from me

Post #8by Chuft-Captain » 31.05.2013, 14:53

Thanks for all the regular and orderly updates over the years Grant. Sad to see another of the "old-timers" throw in the towel.

I hope that one day there might be enough people here once again to make your efforts worthwhile again, although given the increasing rate at which ESP's are now being discovered, it's only going to become more and more work for you.
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Re: No more file updates from me

Post #9by Dollan » 01.06.2013, 15:59

It has been a fun ride, and one which gave me the opportunity to visualize my own world building endeavors, as well as the wonders that can be found in our Universe.

Thank you for your efforts, and thank you for the creation of a remarkable program, and keeping it free for use. I'll certainly miss the updates...

...but all things must end, even if they are good.

"To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe..."
--Carl Sagan

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Re: No more file updates from me

Post #10by Andy74 » 11.06.2013, 23:26

Dear Grant,

thanks for your very valuable contributions to Celestia which I always appreciated.
Your decision is certainy understandable, yet it is sad news for the community.
All the best for you and thanks again


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Re: No more file updates from me

Post #11by H2SO4 » 04.07.2013, 10:20

Sad :(

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Post #12by codrinb » 13.02.2018, 19:57

That's sad to see.

Does anyone know what was the process to update the extrasolar.ssc file? I would like to create a tool to keep it in sync with exoplanet databases.

John Van Vliet
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Post #13by John Van Vliet » 14.02.2018, 07:10

"That's sad to see."

you do realize that this thread is 5 years old

take a look at the perl scripts in the
" celestia/src/tools " folder

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