Trajectory of vessels

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Re: Trajectory of vessels

Post #1by Hungry4info » 07.04.2010, 10:53

I'm not entirely sure this is an important enough issue to consider working into Celestia.

I personally don't mind flying through planets on my way to others. I'm usually right through it pretty quickly, too quick to care.

Not sure one can easily justify the resources needed to calculate a complex go-to trajectory.
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Re: Trajectory of vessels

Post #2by Chuft-Captain » 08.04.2010, 13:32

I don't know if you are familiar with CelX scripting, but it would certainly be possible to do something like what you want by making a CelX script to implement your own customized goto function.

This could be as simple or as complex as you wish, depending on your coding skills, but you'll probably want to take into account the radius of the currently selected object in order for your script to take a wide berth (or a curved path) around it before going to the new object.
You'll probably also want to assign this to a specific key as well.

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