"Supported" way of running/Debugging from MSVC 2008?

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"Supported" way of running/Debugging from MSVC 2008?

Post #1by charlweed » 31.03.2010, 21:19

I'm just starting here. :) I just built Celestia (rev. 5005) for the first time. Yea for a clean build!
However, when I tried to run it, Celestia could not find the DLLs in celestia\windows\dll\x86, because they are not on the path. So I just copied them to the same build dir, and it was fine.
The question is, what should I really be doing to debug? Am I supposed to install after every compile?
Off the top of my head, it seems that the MSVC project is not fully configured so that the DLLs and the exe go into a single platform folder.

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