Celestia in iPhone?

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Celestia in iPhone?

Post #1by Kain » 05.05.2009, 00:08

I would like to see celestia in my iPhone, will it be possible?


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Re: Celestia in iPhone?

Post #2by selden » 05.05.2009, 08:53

Only if someone knowledgeable about iPhone software development could be persuaded to port it. I don't think any of the current Celestia developers are involved in coding for the iPhone. You might consider bringing up the subject on one of the iPhone development forums.

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Re: Celestia in iPhone?

Post #3by julesstoop » 05.05.2009, 14:35

There is a Celestia-like 3D solar system simulation for the iPhone called 'GrandTour' and then there are several more traditional 2D stellarium like apps (planispheres). 'Star Walk' and 'Starmap' pop to mind.
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