New UI Backend: AGAR?

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New UI Backend: AGAR?

Post #1by Osprey » 04.01.2009, 20:28

I was play with libAgar and I think that it may be useful for celestia as gui front-end.

I wrote a little patch that use libagar.

    * No heavy dependencies like gtk or qt4, only SDL and Freetype
    * It's C lib and can be easy scripted wia lua
    * Fast gui renderer (Did you try to move cel's gtk dialog window on slow machine?)

    * A little fps drop
    * I'm not sure is it possible to use agar with others front-ends, if no --- lua scripting may be uselessness

If the community is interested I can continue to work on agar+cel.

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Re: New UI Backend: AGAR?

Post #2by jdavies » 05.01.2009, 03:17

Just an FYI, Celestia uses LUA for its scripting engine also. See for more details.

Since you mentioned GTK I take it that you are running on LINUX or some UNIX variant? The graphics are pretty robust on my Win XP laptop. Is GTK known to be a bit slow in general?

- Jeff

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