Spherical Mirror Projection?

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Post #41by ImmersiveTheatres » 15.06.2020, 16:50

Thank you for the update Janus.

Are the missing libraries something I can go back to the people who modified 1.4.1 and enquire about? If you let me know a little more of exactly what I should ask for, I have no problem going back to them and asking.

Your friend's proposed home planetarium sounds intriguing! Will it use spherical mirror projection?


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Post #42by Janus » 15.06.2020, 18:33


Sadly, the missing libraries are a problem because there is no way to know which (version) ones are needed.
I run into this with source trees quite consistently.
Standard libraries are dynamic, but predictable as long as they remain clean.
Custom libraries are messy at best, and a disaster if mixed with standard libraries.
Include any library not a part of the standard library in the source tree, and reproduction gets easier.
I understand why some people like vcpkg or the linux equivalent, and those work as long you have no version dependencies.
Yet version dependencies are a fact of life when optimizing.

While I know it uses GLU, it also uses GLEW, I do not know their relationship at the moment of compile, or their context for display.
There is no predicting interdependancies of libraries outside of the source tree, which is why I always include them.
In this case, unless someone has a snap shot of the system, it is a game of 'whack a mole' finding the problem.

It will most likely take someone who knows a lot more than I do about opengl integrate it.


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Post #43by onetwothree » 20.11.2020, 15:57

Just a few minutes ago @markerz merged his branch to master. Now we have support for fish eye projection and some other distortions. Some work is still to be done but the most important part is finished. All hail to @markerz!

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