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Graphic interface Lua Universal Tools v5.0 beta 2 - testing

Posted: 04.01.2019, 04:54
by Croc
This topic is open for discussion Graphic interface Lua Universal Tools v5.0 beta 2.

Added after 13 minutes 7 seconds:

This screenshot shows the 73 locations Dione type "AA".

The strangeness is that this location is not only the visible side, but the back side of Dione. :insane:

This effect was observed when using "Celestia Origin", release dated December 30, 2018.
This effect is not present when the "Celestia Origin", release dated April 30, 2018

Note. The Lua Edu Tools GUI installed in Celestia Origin has been replaced.
GUI Lua Universal Tools v5.0 beta 2. For details, see. viewtopic.php?p=141577#p141577

Possible reasons from "Celestia Origin":
changes in the structure of solarsys.ssc (12/30/2018) compared to solarsys.ssc (04/28/2018)

Possible reasons from "Lua Universal Tools":
New tool - ObjectVisibilityButton.

Posted: 04.01.2019, 16:47
by Croc
Причина найдена (это "Celestia Origin"). Задача решена модификацией базовых локаций для объектов class "diffuse".