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Reconstruction of Guidebooks LUT series "Asteroids and comets"

Posted: 19.10.2018, 22:20
by Croc
I am completing a large reconstruction of the Asteroids and Komet series of guides.

I deleted the following files from their old version:

  • TNOBox.lua
  • TNO2Box.lua
  • TNO3Box.lua
  • TNO4Box.lua
  • TNO5Box.lua
  • DamCentBox.lua

Here is the new version of the Guidebooks. In the red frame guides to "Asteroids and comets":


New group of guidebooks "Trojans". This group includes:
  • Jupiter's Trojans - 253 nominal asteroids
  • Uranus Trojans - 1 asteroid (transferred from the UranBox.lua file)
  • Neptune's Trojans - 22 asteroids (transferred from the NeptuneBox.lua file)

New files:
  • Troyan1Box.lua
  • Troyan2Box.lua
  • Troyan3Box.lua
  • Troyan4Box.lua


For Trojans, the color palette has been changed (brown font on a black background background) to white font on a gray background.

To be continued...

Posted: 20.10.2018, 21:17
by Croc
Another new group of guidebooks is System. This group includes:
  • Asteroids with satellites (53 asteroids + 64 satellites)
  • Asteroids with a common barycenter (22 pairs + 1 triple)
  • The Quest for the Ninth Planet (17 asteroids). At the end of the table are single nominal giants (3 asteroids)

New files:
  • AstSat1Box.lua
  • AstSat2Box.lua
  • SystemBox.lua
  • NinthBox.lua


Note: The following are included in the SystemBox.lua file:
  • Asteroid Belt (by Cham)
  • Kuiper Belt (by Zemlyanin)
  • Oort Cloud (by Zemlyanin)

To be continued...

Posted: 21.10.2018, 10:59
by Croc
Added 21.10.2018, 05:03:
The series "Asteroids and comets" opens with a group of asteroids "Classic":

  • The first open asteroids (80 asteroids)
  • Near-Earth nominal asteroids (Apollos, Atira, Atons) - 76 asteroids, including 65 nominal asteroids.
  • Cupids and Mars crossers (73 asteroids, including 49 nominal asteroids).


  • AstBelt1Box.lua
  • AstAAABox.lua (old name - AstNameBox.lua)
  • AmurMarsBox.lua

Note. Removed asteroids with satellites from AstAAABox.lua and AmurMarsBox.lua files. They are placed in the files AstSat1Box.lua and AstSat2Box.lua.


To be continued...

Posted: 21.10.2018, 11:00
by Croc
Completing a series of guides "Asteroids and Comets" group "Comets", consisting of 3 files:
  • cometsBox.lua
  • comets2box.lua
  • comets3Box.lua

В этой группе 248 непериодических комет, в том числе 6 новых.
At the end of the comets3Box.lua file there is an interactive tablet for viewing fragments of comet D / 1993 F2 (Shoemakers - Levy9), that broke apart in July 1992 and collided with Jupiter in July 1994:


To be continued...

Posted: 22.10.2018, 08:46
by Croc
To summarize:
The Asteroids and Komet series consists of:
  • 11 guides to 666 asteroids
  • 3 guides to 248 non-periodic comets + shattered comet shots by Shoemaker-Levy 9.

The listed files are located in the SolarSystem folder along with the 9 files of the Planets and Moons guidebooks.
I decided to create two new folders instead of the SolarSystem folder:
  • PlanetsMoons for planets and moons
  • AsteroidsComets for asteroids and comets

Note. The update files will be published in the "Graphical interface Lua Universal Tools v5.0 beta - RELEASE! (New edition 12/14/2017)" topic.