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Modernized database of stars

Posted: 15.09.2016, 21:33
by Croc
Modernized database of stars - modernization starnames.dat,,,
Modernized database is relevant to 4071 stars with proper names (Bayer and Flamsteed designations.)
For details, see in this place
Modernized database of stars set to "catalogs/stars" folder without deleting "data" folder.
For the locations of files provides built-in folder "locs".
Other database is placed in the "catalogs" folder. They will be modernized in the future.

  • unzip
  • celestia.cfg rename the old file (for example, celestia.cf_).
  • install a new celestia.cfg.
  • copy the "catalogs" folder in the parent folder Celestia
  • launch Celestia


Posted: 16.09.2016, 00:55
by omega13a
Umm... Where's the zip file?

Posted: 16.09.2016, 04:45
by Alexell
omega13a, Croc have a problem with file upload, so sometimes I do it for him. See link above.