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Lagrange Points for Celestia 1.6.1 - discussion

Posted: 05.11.2012, 11:27
by Chuft-Captain
Please use this thread to post bug reports, ask questions, general discussion about the Lagrange Points Tool.

To download the addon, go to to this thread: Lagrange Points For Celestia 1.6.1 - DOWNLOAD

Current Known issues (as at 11 Nov 2012):

    * If the key-driven tool is used in conjunction with the graphical version, any error messages issued from the graphical version will just flash briefly before being overwritten by the keyboard version's interface.
    - Workaround: Either close the keyboard version and use the graphical version exclusively, or use the keyboard version exclusively.

    * Lagrange Points not displayed when a MinorMoon is selected. - A fix is forthcoming in version 1.1
    - Workaround: You can select the Parent Planet, then in "System" mode display the Lagrange Points of all moons in the system, including the Minor Moons, but if it's just the one Minor Moon that you're interested in, you'll have to get rid of the clutter of all the others by selecting each of them one by one and then using the Clear key.

    * Installation of version 1.0 is fairly aggressive and overwrites existing Lua_Edu_Tools configuration files.
    This may affect your current Lua Tools installation detrimentally if you did not pay close attention to the instructions in the README.
    - I recommend not installing version 1.0 at this stage, as version 1.1 release is coming very soon, and this will resolve any install/uninstall issues.

Re: Lagrange Points 1.x for Celestia 1.6.1 - discussion thre

Posted: 05.11.2012, 13:03
by Joe

Great work, Fantastic :D

Re: Lagrange Points 1.x for Celestia 1.6.1 - discussion thre

Posted: 06.11.2012, 01:25
by abramson
Chuft, is it possible that the add-on doesn't work with Celestia built from SVN? I am getting this:


It broke the Lua-ET interface...

Re: Lagrange Points 1.x for Celestia 1.6.1 - discussion thre

Posted: 06.11.2012, 03:55
by Chuft-Captain
Hi Abramson,

It's always possible for things to break with SVN builds.

Have you tried a fresh build from SVN, followed by installing Vincents Lua_Edu_Tools? (without the Lagrange Tool addon)
If that is also broken, then there's an incompatibility between the SVN code and Vincent's code.
If the Lua_Tools by themselves work OK with SVN, but fail after then installing Lagrange Tools, then the SVN code is incompatible in some way with the Lagrange Tool.

In any case, I'm not in a position to do builds from SVN, so it's not possible for me to investigate. Even if it was, it's impractical to try and make it work with all SVN levels at all times due to the fact that SVN code is a moving goalpost.
I will fix any defects found where it is installed with the standard Celestia 1.6.1 release, and subsequent stable releases, but not with SVN builds (it's just not realistic to do so).
However, it's still useful for me to hear about any issues like this, so I do appreciate your report.

If you really want to use the Tool, I suggest that you have at least 2 separate Celestia installations. One for your SVN builds, and one based on the Celestia 1.6.1 stable release + Lua_Edu_Tools.
If you have any problems with the tool in this second configuration, definitely let me know.

I have tested it during development with:
    Celestia 1.6.1 official,
    celestia-v1.7x-svn5213-newstar.exe, and
(I think those executables were provided by you).
I have no major issues with any of those, so maybe there is something wrong with your config, or with the latest SVN code.

One final suggestion, enable the log at startup (shift ~) and report what messages you see.


Re: Lagrange Points 1.x for Celestia 1.6.1 - discussion thre

Posted: 06.11.2012, 09:44
by Chuft-Captain
Just a reminder to people who have previously installed the original (circa. 2007) version of the Lagrange Points, don't forget to delete the cc_lagrange folder from your extras directory before installing this version.

Posted: 20.01.2017, 20:39
by sinigami78
Does anybody keep a copy of Lagrange Points addon? I'm working on the sci-fi story in which the action takes place in the libration points and halo orbits. It would be great to be able to see how the Moon, the Earth and the Sun are viewed from the points at different times. Thank you in advance :)

Posted: 21.01.2017, 13:02
by Croc
sinigami78 wrote:Does anybody keep a copy of Lagrange Points addon?

See private message

Posted: 08.04.2019, 02:08
by plutoannatto
Similarly to sinigami78 above, I am also looking for a copy of this addon. If anyone could help me with that, I would be much obliged.

Thanks very much!