SLIDESHOW–DIAPORAMA presentations without scripting

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Re: SLIDESHOW–DIAPORAMA presentations without scripting

Post #101by jogad » 17.11.2012, 17:08

Thank you very much Marco.
I didn't expect so much!

Marco Klunder wrote:I still call it a kind of v2.1 :wink:
No! This version is the last one and is always Version 2
(.0 vanishes as well : only one version !)

From your suggestions I have made a few additional modifications.
I send them in case you want modify the Dutch file too..


---- Edit mars 24/2013 ----
The completed add-on is now available on the motherlode.
I have removed the temporary attached files of my previous post to avoid people to mix different versions.
The first (description) and second (installation) posts of this thread have been updated consequently.

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