update for LUT5

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update for LUT5

Post #1by gironde » 09.05.2019, 18:45

Here is an update for locations under LUT5 beta 2.

These are the new locations for Ceres and Ryugu since 12/2018.
Since there are new location types for Ceres (LA and LB) and a new object (Ryugu AA, DO, FO, SA) with respect to the latest Croc changes, you have to modify config.lua, renderlocsbox.lua and locsbox.lua

All files are in the attached archive.

Using another version of renderlocsbox, I worked from memory on the version of Croc to be able to offer you this update. I have not been able to test modified renderlocsbox but I think I have not made any mistake. You have to tell me.
As a precaution, keep a copy of what you change.

locations update 01-05-2019.zip
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